Homebased Businesses – 2 That Work

Homebased Businesses – 2 That Work

The days when your homebased businesses revolved around trying to sell cleaning products at big meetings held at the local Holiday Inn are long gone. Even those multi level marketing businesses that are still around, and there are a lot of them, rely more heavily on the internet than any other business building model.

The internet has made it possible to find people from virtually anywhere in the country and maybe even the world who would like to join you in your business. Not only can you find these prospects online you can also refer them to a website that can explain the aspects of your business. There is virtually no selling needed anymore.

Of course, the more personal interaction you have the better chance that they’ll join, but the point is that the internet has made prospecting a lot easier than sitting at a desk for hours on end cold calling (if you’ve never done that consider yourself very, very lucky).

Multi level marketing or network marketing is a great business to start out of your home. It is a wonderful example of leveraging the work of not just yourself but everyone in your organization. The amount of money you can earn isn’t just based on what you can generate in sales it’s also based on what all the people in your organization can make in sales too.

That’s huge. There are only so many hours in the day and you can only do so much so your income would only ever be able to be so high. But when you factor in the work of many people, hundreds or thousands, you can really begin to see how you can make a lot of money if you have a successful mlm business.

One thing I hear all the time, and to be honest it bugs me a lot, is when people ask me if mlm is a ‘pyramid scheme’. NO, it’s not.

A pyramid scheme is just that: a scheme. No product or service is being sold. The only income stream is when someone pays to sign up, that’s it. And that is illegal. With a reputable mlm company money is generated when people buy the product that that company is selling.

It doesn’t matter if it’s household cleaners or vitamins, some product is being purchased and that is the money that pays everyone. It’s totally legitimate, and potentially very profitable.

If you choose to go the mlm route when building your home business I encourage you to take time to find the right company. There are a lot of really good companies out there. Find one that sells a product that you have used and really love. That way it’ll just be natural for you to tell people about not only the business opportunity but the product as well.

With so many homebased businesses that you can start, you really have no reason to stay stuck in a dead end job that you hate. Take some time to find the best opportunity for you and then just go for it. You’ll never be where you want to be until you take that first step.

Clair Bennet has been writing articles for several years and is a freelance contributor for Recipe Development and Dog Trimmer