Ceramics Summit – Dialogue Estate Trends In Home Design – Ceramics, Pottery, Tiles – Hc Network

Ceramics Summit – Dialogue Estate Trends In Home Design – Ceramics, Pottery, Tiles – Hc Network
Ceramics And Real estate How much contact between the industry? Ceramic sanitary ware in the next two years Home What is the trend of the design? May 12, a to “real estate? Building Materials ? Space? Art “as the theme of the industry total government summit in Chengdu Crown Holiday Inn staged, the summit will cover real estate, building materials, space and space for decorative arts in four areas; the same time, the current summit gathered in Chengdu, real estate, building materials industry, decoration companies, designers in the elite group, can be described as skilled are gathered .

The industry summit with a keynote speech and dialogue, the combination of peak form. Dr. Renmin University of China, Guotai Junan Securities Investment Mergers, said general manager Charles Song Boshi, building materials industry and the real estate industry a very high correlation, only the total by ceramic sanitary ware Rates 6%, the resulting figures are very impressive demonstration of the large ceramic sanitary ware market.

At this summit, Tsinghua University, Ph.D., Department of Art Design, Beijing Clothing Professor, Master Instructor Guo Qiang, first published entitled “Ceramic Art in interior design trends” on the topic. In his view, “Ceramics is the art of fire”, which in art form and unique language patterns decorate Indoor Environment , Can be said that modern Room Of Ceramic Products More and more like the artistic trend, a trend that has subdivided into five areas: Building Sanitary ceramics products and art concepts become increasingly blurred; ceramic art unique application of the language more and more attention; other materials, the mechanism of texture is one of ceramic design direction; low-volume personalized ceramic design trends; art and the organic integration of science and technology trends.

Dialogue in the next period, the well-known figures from academia and the business community on the recent hot topic in the industry launched a wonderful viewpoints.

“Hard R & D of new products come out, just put to the market a month, you can find almost exactly the same appearance of the ceramic paste someone else’s brand, and put other people’s shelves.” China Ceramic Industry Association marketing branch of industry Vice President, General Manager Mona Lisa Huang Hui heavy criticism of the ceramic building materials industry current copy of the prevailing wind, he told reporters, such as copying of, for example a Tiles At first glance the appearance of color, the pattern is also bigger way, but the materials, technology will even close. He believed that Swift was an outsider to follow almost inevitably, it is important to strengthen their own market Competition Capacity.

Chairman of massage of the new space decorated believes that not only ceramic sanitary ware and other building materials industry, companies need innovation, decoration companies need innovation, but innovation is the only current Home improvement Industry, the only way out. “The current owners of home improvement more and more able to reflect the attitudes, lifestyles and values, these highly individual characteristics of colors are impossible to replicate, the home designer’s priority is to close to the owners, understand that the owners of the home improvement of real ideas and needs, which requires designers to spend time, like ideas, stand owner to complete the design point of view rather than to persuade the owners to design their own programs to accept. ” Foshan Ceramic Co., Ltd. China

Canada Ge Yang, general manager of marketing, calls for particular attention, at the summit, he strongly advocated the use of national Brand Of building materials, he explained, “CHINA, on there from the word ‘ceramic’ meaning, can be said that China is a well-deserved hometown of ceramics. However, due to publicity and image, and many other reasons, consumers are our national brand ceramic products, particularly sanitary Sanitary Ware Little is known about the true quality of the brand, in fact, we have many domestic sanitary ware is also no less than foreign goods, it is also very easy to compare them. “

Chinese resistance? Li Jia Feng, president of home building materials chain, said that at present, many well-known real estate companies such as China Vanke, the sea, and Hutchison Whampoa, the major developers and other industry giants have been focused on investing in Chengdu, and and closely related to the building materials industry will have a huge space for development. It is understood that Chinese resistance? Established home building materials chain now is the Ceramic tile , The largest bathroom circulation channel business, this year, Chinese resistance? Established chain of home building materials to complete the bathroom tiles from the simple to the professional chain of agents Sell Strategic business transformation and integration on the same time start the Southwest Building materials market The strategic layout.

Warm atmosphere of the summit site also attracted the audience seated guests participate in the discussions, senior industry sources have told reporters, in fact, one is ready for decoration or the owners of friends is the best designer, because, Owners often require designers sent from three to five designs to select a favorite program of their own, from this sense, the owners of this thoughtful selection, is enough to prove that he was already a designer has. Designers also added that the landlords have their own independent of the home improvement ideas, more able to promote the designer a better play. [Popular Keywords]: Ceramics Pottery Ceramic tile Comment Large In Small

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Interesting Winter Activities in New England

Interesting Winter Activities in New England

New England, a region in the northeastern corner of United States with six states, is best-known as the perfect destination for visitors enjoying winter activities thanks to its beautiful landmarks and annual snowfall of 2,500mm (98 inches). People coming here not only can take part in some sports like skiing, snow tubing and skijoring but also have chances to snuggle in a fireplace-equipped inn.


If you expect to go skiing with family members or friends, New England\’s ski slopes are the perfect destination that can meet your demand. Though you\’re a beginner or an experienced skier looking for new challenges, you\’ll find suitable terrain at dozens of ski resorts in this region.


Go skiing in New England


Snow tubing is also a popular activity in New England with many tubing parks around this area. Playing the game doesn’t make your shins ache at the end of the day or force you to buy any expensive equipment.


Play snow tubing


If you want to have a unique winter adventure, book a dog sled tour because New England is home to several dog sled tour operators, who are willing to take you for a ride or teach you how to drive.


See winter scenes from a Dog Sled


Playing skijoring means you can cross-country ski with your dog. In New England, you can try on skijoring and enjoy funny moments during the winter vacation.


Play skijoring


Vermont is the winter sports capital in New England that features ten interesting places to help you join some activities in the case you don’t want to careen downhill on skis or play far from your stay.


Enjoy interesting activities in Vermont


Nothing is more romantic than relaxing in a charming cozy inn and lighting your own crackling fireplace after one day of playing in the snow. There are about ten New England inns which consist of every fireplace and guest room each.


Relax in a room with a fireplace




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Renting an Apartment in East Ottawa:

Renting an Apartment in East Ottawa:

The Greater Ottawa area has many great apartments and properties to live in, most of which can be enjoyed based on your likes and dislikes. Most areas in Ottawa have something for everyone.

The Ottawa’s east-end is no exception. Whether you’re renting an apartment in the Innes Park Complex, living in the beautiful Skyway Homes, or residing at Southpoint Villa, there are wonderful choices when it comes to East Ottawa apartments[**http://www.paramountapts.com/ourproperties/location/2/ottawa_east.aspx**] that will please young professionals, families, and seniors alike.

Innes Park Complex (2765 Innes Road)

One of Ottawa’s best kept secrets, the Innes Park Complex is smack dab in the middle of this lush community. This is an area of Ottawa that contains a family-friendly living environment, with schools, parks, and safe streets.

Located only 15-minutes from downtown by bus or car, this East Ottawa apartment complex is conveniently situated within walking distance of shopping centres, restaurants, grocery stores, and much more.

The apartment itself has a beautiful and clean outdoor pool, a children’s playground, free visitors’ parking, great views, and an overnight security guard. This East Ottawa apartment has 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and even 3 and 4 bedroom townhome options.

For more information on this east-end Ottawa[**http://www.paramountapts.com/ourproperties/location/2/ottawa_east.aspx**] property, visit: Innes Park Complex[**http://www.paramountapts.com/ourproperties.aspx?listingid=3**]

Skyway Homes (742 Rainsford Avenue)

Located in a quiet residential area in Ottawa’s east end, Skyway Homes is a spacious, affordable Ottawa apartment complex, and it’s perfect for families and young professionals on the go. This East Ottawa apartment is only walking distance from the Montfort Hospital, CFB Ottawa North, and shopping and restaurants.

Situated along the Aviation Parkway and only a few minutes’ drive from the Ottawa Queensway, this East Ottawa apartment has easy access to all of the shopping and restaurants along St. Laurent Blvd. and Montreal Road. Skyway Homes is also ideal for families and young professionals who use public transportation, as there are several OC Transpo routes just steps from the front door — including several that will get to downtown Ottawa in 10 minutes or less.

The apartment is in close proximity to several public and private schools, perfect for growing families and post-secondary students. This East Ottawa area has many parks and playgrounds, including Trojan Park, Ogilvie Park, and Cummings Park (which features an outdoor skating rink in the winter).

This East Ottawa apartment has 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom apartments, as well as 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom townhomes.

For more information on this east-end Ottawa[**http://www.paramountapts.com/ourproperties/location/2/ottawa_east.aspx**] property, visit: Skyway Homes[**http://www.paramountapts.com/ourproperties/location/2/ottawa_east.aspx?listingid=24**]

Southpoint Villa (1400 Appleton Drive)

This is the East Ottawa apartment building with the most access to shopping, restaurants, and entertainment in the east end of the city. Southpoint Villa is not only an excellent value, it is also a fantastic location, conveniently near two of Ottawa’s biggest shopping plazas (Gloucester Centre and St. Laurent Shopping Centre), a giant Loblaws grocery store and other amenities.

Southpoint Villa is situated in a convenient area with schools, playgrounds and health services all in the neighborhood. This is an East Ottawa apartment that is known for quality and affordable living for families, seniors, and young professionals. It’s designed to appeal to everyone’s wants and needs.

This apartment boasts a clean family-friendly outdoor swimming pool, free visitor parking, comfortable outdoor sitting areas, and spacious apartment units with balconies. This East Ottawa apartment has 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments available for rent.

For more information on this east-end Ottawa[**http://www.paramountapts.com/ourproperties/location/2/ottawa_east.aspx**] property, visit: Southpoint Villa[**http://www.paramountapts.com/ourproperties.aspx?listingid=13**]


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Wucheng Appliance Stores Show His New Look To Expand Market Share – Gome, Suning, Yongle – Hc

Wucheng Appliance Stores Show His New Look To Expand Market Share – Gome, Suning, Yongle – Hc
Suning Appliance stores
3C + blond newly refurbished flagship store opened next door to the inn, Gome 81 South was renovated in the planning. “This renovation is the headquarters of the 20th anniversary celebration by GOME, Jinhua store opened August 1 anniversary of the South Dianqing introduced, considerable efforts.” Gome Jinhua Branch General Manager of Miss Cheung said.

It is understood that a formal merger of Gome and Yongle, the States United States with more than 100 global CEOs from leading manufacturers signed a 20 billion yuan of the super-purchase orders, and that 20 billion yuan will be directly put to “the 20th anniversary celebration of the U.S. Promotions Benefit” activities, its products, including TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, cell phones, computers, digital products, small appliances and all other popular products.

According to Miss Cheung introduced on August 1, Gome stores in Southern opened the renovated, state program under the U.S. headquarters of 500 million special machine resources with the local talk about the next 500 million will be put in special machine Jinhua market resources will reach 10 million yuan, in addition to more than 100 million yuan during the event gift, we have to realize benefits.

According to reports, the country huge amounts of U.S. 20,000,000,000 yuan purchase the support of a large one, as the advantage of Jinhua Gome TV category, would be preferential price faiths.

“The purpose of renovation market by the end of consumption according to the characteristics of Jinhua, adjust the layout of existing brands, introduce competitive brands and the expansion of existing strengths and brands of booth area.” Miss Cheung said the company will introduce include Sharp LCD TV cabinet full range of products and Siemens products, including high-end brand, a series of high-end market Wucheng. Sharp LCD TV is a consistent high-end product sales in all first-tier cities account for the largest share of the entire store. To buy packages of, pay attention to product performance is an important energy consumption trends.

With Jinhua Guo 3C products over the years the United States attention and investment, 3C products in the store’s share is growing. Miss Cheung, general manager of that store refurbishment and Suning opened blond, like the country the United States during the event also focused on the part of the promotion 3C products. It is understood that Gome’s mobile products have reached a cooperation with China Mobile, will include the world’s first marketing several products including the Nokia N6085. In addition, Microsoft also signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Microsoft’s product will soon be landing in Jinhua.

Industry believes that the fierce competition in the appliance market, Jinhua, all businesses are trying to expand market share. The face of home appliances sales situation more and more limited room for growth, upgrade the existing brand layout, open up new markets has become the choice of public business.
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States United States







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Unique Niagara Falls Hotels Offer the Ideal Getaway to Niagara Falls Ontario!

Unique Niagara Falls Hotels Offer the Ideal Getaway to Niagara Falls Ontario!

For overnight vacationers planning to visit Niagara Falls Ontario in Canada, there are some incredible package offers available this year for that ultimate vacation. Comfort Inn Clifton Hill, among the most unique Niagara Falls hotels, provides one such offer with its all-inclusive Family Fun package… the perfect introduction to Clifton Hill’s World Famous Street of Fun by the Falls and Niagara Falls Ontario.
The Family Fun Package will be available weekends and during holidays/school breaks during the year, and includes a nice selection of family friendly Niagara Falls Ontario offerings, including: 2 nights accommodation at the Comfort Inn on Clifton Hill; deluxe continental breakfast each morning served in the hotel’s poolside café, access to the hotel’s huge tropical indoor pool and giant whirlpool; dining vouchers for Kelsey’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill on Clifton Hill; 10 game tokens for the Great Canadian Midway; and “Fun Passes” for admission to the Niagara Skywheel, Movieland Wax Museum, Galaxy Golf, Ghost Blasters Dark Ride, and FX Ride Theatre.
Plus, families staying at any of the Niagara Falls Hotels near Clifton Hill this winter can walk to some amazing outdoor events, such as the: spectacular Festival of Lights (free, November 6 – January 31), fireworks displays (free, every Friday at 9pm from November 12 – December 24), the Falls’ Illumination (free, 5pm to 12am from November 7 – December 30), and a host of fabulous New Years’ events, including the Niagara Falls Ontario New Year’s Eve concert in Queen Victoria Park.
Niagara Falls Ontario offers a wonderful destination for families who want to experience a fun-filled winter getaway this season. The Niagara Falls Hotels, attractions and restaurants are affordable – with many exciting events being offered for free – there’s something for everyone in every family, from the very young to the very young at heart.
Vacationers who take the time to research all the best Niagara Falls Hotels and their offerings, will see that the all-inclusive Family Fun package offers a unmatched blend of high quality accommodations, family-friendly attractions, restaurants, compared to others. Visitors who want to take advantage of the all-inclusive Family Fun package savings can visit www.niagarafallscomfort.com/familyfun.

Click here for package info and to see why the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill is among the most popular  Niagara Falls Hotels. Also, click here for more information on the incredible attractions, restaurants and events found in Niagara Falls Ontario.