Considerations when hosting a company event

Considerations when hosting a company event

Finding the right venue will be of utmost importance if your company is looking to plan a company conference or a training course. We at Holiday Inn Hotels offer venues at very competitive prices but aside from bringing the whole event in on budget, there are many other factors that you should be looking to consider when hosting an event, and it can be tricky to find a location that ticks all the boxes when it comes to the most important criteria.

Once your budget is set, the most obvious criteria that can rule out a number of venues are the size. How many attendees is your company looking to invite or how many will be attending the training course? It is absolutely imperative that your location can comfortably house all your attendees, as it will be unprofessional to have delegates all cramped together and will not be conducive to a relaxed and successful business event. Not only should you consider if the event location says that it can accommodate all your attendees but also consider how exactly the rooms that you hire will be laid out. It may be that you require a few rooms to split attendees into groups and train at different levels, a small intimate location for a select number of delegates, or perhaps you require one big spacious room that can accommodate a big group of people together and encourage delegates to interact and exchange ideas in an open and frank manner. How your room is set out in terms of seating can have a big impact on the dynamic and atmosphere of your event.

Your event may not just be for company staff, but for existing or potential new clients, and for this reason consider the image of the venue you have chosen. Attendees will form an opinion of your company in part based on the venue, particularly if they have not had a long history of dealings with your company already. Ideally, a visit to the venue before you decide to book would be a strong recommendation and it’s wise to view it with objectivity to get a perspective on how your guests may perceive the venue. However, try not to focus solely on the look of the venue as you may forget to consider the practicalities of location. You may find some very impressive venues that will certainly wow your guests, but if the location is inconvenient in terms of travel and access particularly via public transport then this will prove less than impressive to important business contacts that may lead busy working lives and be short on time.
Many Holiday Inn hotels are located within easy reach of major business hubs and airports for convenient access. For conferences running over more than one day, it can be wise to find a location that can offer overnight accommodation rather than have delegates travelling to and from the location to other bed and breakfast establishments in the area. At Holiday Inn hotels, we are equipped to offer dining and accommodation for large numbers and accommodating everyone together can foster a closer relationship and ensure that you get maximum benefit from hosting your event.

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