Virtual Offices

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are currently very popular because of the practical benefits that business owners gain from virtual offices; these include cost reduction, having a prestigious address and telephone number, and maintaining business professionalism. Serviced offices and virtual offices are commonly used by home-based entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers, doctors, business consultants, and many other professionals.

If you are business just starting up or a small business owner and are seeking to save cash, you can easily open an office in this virtual environment and in most cases take advantage of services such as meeting rooms and other services most serviced offices provide.  Most small business use the virtual office as their virtual headquarters, this location of your choosing, in most cases this is in a city location. Using the technology of today, you can conduct business seamlessly almost anywhere in the world. You can be at home in your slipper or on the beach or on top of a hill but your business appears in a prestigious office in a city centre, giving you the professional image your business deserves.

One of the main reasons people go for virtual offices is because they do not want their home address to be used as the business address. You need a location that fits to the type of business that you have and to give you the impression to your clients and suppliers. The great news is that a virtual office services allow you to use the address to receive mail.  The virtual office service will then forward this on to your home address or you can collect it once a day.  So, even if your business is actually located in your home, you can have an office space london where clients can send in their mails and packages.

The idea of a virtual headquarters has been a success to many SME business owners as it creates an image that they have a large and successful company.  Most of the virtual office solution providers have bolt on services, such as phone forwarding – this is where a local telephone number attached to your virtual office is forwarded seamlessly to your mobile or home number.  Other services available may be virtual assistants or virtual receptionists either helping you with dictation, letter writing or just simply answering the phone professionally for you.



The Serviced Office provides serviced offices, virtual offices and meeting rooms to companies across the UK.  Headquartered in London, The Serviced Office focus’s on what’s right for your business and offers only configurable solutions.  The Serviced Office was founded by James Doogan, a successful online entrepreneur with more 14 years experience in the online and business sector.  For further information visit

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