Inn at Minimal Washington Celebrates 40 Years

The 40th birthday associated with the Inn at minimal Washington in Washington, Va., is event for at least one party, therefore Patrick O’Connell, the owner, does just that. First up is supposed to be a dinner on Sunday ($ 375 a ticket) during the Inn, four years to the time associated with the …
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Making A Successful Start In Internet Marketing

Making A Successful Start In Internet Marketing
They will send you messages with convincing elements that may make you wonder if it carries any truth. They may also show you prove of payment slip showing you that Internet marketing services internet marketing really pays, but with all these happening, where is the truth? You will waste your time trying to buy a program or training manual that never works at all. You will waste your time and money trying to make honest living.

However, the evidence of the earnings they show you there is not fake but may be income derived from some other activities that they don’t show you. There are so many internet marketing campaigns that can really earn you a lot of money if you follow on hence it’s important that you do your research well. With internet marketing, you will not definitely get rich overnight. You will have to toil hard. You can get a lot of guidance through training manuals that are available for free from the web.

There are many internet marketing programs out there that may seem relatively easier to join but you will notice that you will pay a lot of money to access the real information that could offer you the breakthrough that you need. It’s important that you be cautious before signing up because you may get frustrated a lot. It’s important that you seek some advice from your friends and those who understand some bit of internet marketing. There are many people that promise you a lot of money without hard work. That will never happen. With internet marketing, you will only achieve success if you work hard using tested and approved techniques to earn money.

You will notice that some internet marketing programs are either too complicated or offer less information that may not help you achieve your dream. There are some certain specific points that you should look at when trying to investigate internet marketing programs. It’s important that you look at the attached conditions. Those programs that apply great pressure to enable you act may not deliver what they promise. If the message came to your inbox without you signing up something, it’s important that you understand someone is definitely wanting to sell to you, so keep off.Also,its important that you consider the way the internet marketing experts who contact you through the phone try to push you to accept their offers. You can make decision and know if they are genuine or not.

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Booking meeting rooms in Manchester

Booking meeting rooms in Manchester

The first industrialised city in the world, the dynamic, thriving city of Manchester is rich with history and culture, and second only to London in terms of importance. Meeting rooms in Manchester are booked throughout the year, for anything from international trade fairs to private board meetings. We at Holiday Inn have a number of hotels providing meeting rooms in Manchester, all within easy reach of the airport, railway stations and motorways.

Once a city of “dark satanic mills”, the Manchester of today is clean and vibrant; a leading centre of media, sport, education, commerce and the arts. Not surprisingly, meeting rooms in Manchester are constantly needed, by both local companies and those outside the area.

Reasons to book meeting rooms in Manchester

Manchester is the perfect location for international business conferences. The fastest-growing city in the UK, and the second-best place to have a business after London, it showcases the best that Britain has to offer. Manchester’s wide range of cultural, arts and sporting attractions – including the most valuable football club in the world, Manchester United – is matched by a glittering central business district that is one of the financial hubs of Europe.

Manchester University brings a constant flood of young graduates, keeping the city vibrant, alive and forward-thinking. The central business district is an eclectic blend of architectural delights; Manchester’s rich industrial heritage evident in historic buildings such as the neo-Gothic Town Hall and Piccadilly. Glittering modern towers, such as the Intercontinental building, are pointers of the city’s modern success. Prolonged investment means Manchester is currently undergoing yet more growth, with a number of new towers under construction which, when finished, will be the tallest buildings in Manchester.

Meetings in Central Manchester

The factors driving Manchester’s economy are varied. Financial, retail, health, legal, cultural, media and professional companies all have offices in the Central Business District. Manchester Arndale Centre is the largest shopping mall in the UK; the world’s largest consumer-owned business, the Co-operative Group, is also based here. Obviously, the central business district needs well structured meeting rooms to function.

We at Holiday Inn have several conference hotels with meeting rooms in or near Manchester City Centre. Our Manchester West venue is only minutes away from the International Convention Centre and Manchester Piccadilly rail station, yet is set in pleasant grounds with a Topiary courtyard that is perfect for summer weddings. Salford Quays, Media City, the Lowry Centre and Manchester United football club and Trafford shopping mall are all located close by, with easy accessibility to the motorways and airport.

Meeting rooms outside the city centre

Our Manchester Airport venue is just seven miles from the city centre, and benefits from a nine-room dedicated meeting centre plus a further six fully-serviced meeting rooms. In Manchester Central Park, meanwhile, you can enjoy the benefits of a fully equipped Meeting Academy, with self-contained business centre and even a mini-golf course to relax on afterwards.

Meeting rooms in Manchester are booked for every conceivable purpose, from product launches to fund-raising events. We at Holiday Inn offer a wide range of quality meeting rooms in Manchester hotels, at highly competitive rates.


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Virtual Offices

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are currently very popular because of the practical benefits that business owners gain from virtual offices; these include cost reduction, having a prestigious address and telephone number, and maintaining business professionalism. Serviced offices and virtual offices are commonly used by home-based entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers, doctors, business consultants, and many other professionals.

If you are business just starting up or a small business owner and are seeking to save cash, you can easily open an office in this virtual environment and in most cases take advantage of services such as meeting rooms and other services most serviced offices provide.  Most small business use the virtual office as their virtual headquarters, this location of your choosing, in most cases this is in a city location. Using the technology of today, you can conduct business seamlessly almost anywhere in the world. You can be at home in your slipper or on the beach or on top of a hill but your business appears in a prestigious office in a city centre, giving you the professional image your business deserves.

One of the main reasons people go for virtual offices is because they do not want their home address to be used as the business address. You need a location that fits to the type of business that you have and to give you the impression to your clients and suppliers. The great news is that a virtual office services allow you to use the address to receive mail.  The virtual office service will then forward this on to your home address or you can collect it once a day.  So, even if your business is actually located in your home, you can have an office space london where clients can send in their mails and packages.

The idea of a virtual headquarters has been a success to many SME business owners as it creates an image that they have a large and successful company.  Most of the virtual office solution providers have bolt on services, such as phone forwarding – this is where a local telephone number attached to your virtual office is forwarded seamlessly to your mobile or home number.  Other services available may be virtual assistants or virtual receptionists either helping you with dictation, letter writing or just simply answering the phone professionally for you.



The Serviced Office provides serviced offices, virtual offices and meeting rooms to companies across the UK.  Headquartered in London, The Serviced Office focus’s on what’s right for your business and offers only configurable solutions.  The Serviced Office was founded by James Doogan, a successful online entrepreneur with more 14 years experience in the online and business sector.  For further information visit

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Considerations when hosting a company event

Considerations when hosting a company event

Finding the right venue will be of utmost importance if your company is looking to plan a company conference or a training course. We at Holiday Inn Hotels offer venues at very competitive prices but aside from bringing the whole event in on budget, there are many other factors that you should be looking to consider when hosting an event, and it can be tricky to find a location that ticks all the boxes when it comes to the most important criteria.

Once your budget is set, the most obvious criteria that can rule out a number of venues are the size. How many attendees is your company looking to invite or how many will be attending the training course? It is absolutely imperative that your location can comfortably house all your attendees, as it will be unprofessional to have delegates all cramped together and will not be conducive to a relaxed and successful business event. Not only should you consider if the event location says that it can accommodate all your attendees but also consider how exactly the rooms that you hire will be laid out. It may be that you require a few rooms to split attendees into groups and train at different levels, a small intimate location for a select number of delegates, or perhaps you require one big spacious room that can accommodate a big group of people together and encourage delegates to interact and exchange ideas in an open and frank manner. How your room is set out in terms of seating can have a big impact on the dynamic and atmosphere of your event.

Your event may not just be for company staff, but for existing or potential new clients, and for this reason consider the image of the venue you have chosen. Attendees will form an opinion of your company in part based on the venue, particularly if they have not had a long history of dealings with your company already. Ideally, a visit to the venue before you decide to book would be a strong recommendation and it’s wise to view it with objectivity to get a perspective on how your guests may perceive the venue. However, try not to focus solely on the look of the venue as you may forget to consider the practicalities of location. You may find some very impressive venues that will certainly wow your guests, but if the location is inconvenient in terms of travel and access particularly via public transport then this will prove less than impressive to important business contacts that may lead busy working lives and be short on time.
Many Holiday Inn hotels are located within easy reach of major business hubs and airports for convenient access. For conferences running over more than one day, it can be wise to find a location that can offer overnight accommodation rather than have delegates travelling to and from the location to other bed and breakfast establishments in the area. At Holiday Inn hotels, we are equipped to offer dining and accommodation for large numbers and accommodating everyone together can foster a closer relationship and ensure that you get maximum benefit from hosting your event.

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First Impressions Tampa To Hold Florida’s Best Fashion Model Search

First Impressions Tampa To Hold Florida’s Best Fashion Model Search
First Impressions Tampa has announced that the Florida’s Best Fashion Model Search event will be held November 5, 6 & 7, 2010 at the Bay harbor Inn Resort facing Tampa Bay. The event is open to male and female entries between the ages of 15 and 30. Owner Joann Torretta states that the event will be just as unique in the industry as her own modeling school has been.

In an industry that is known for not taking care of it’s talent, Joann Torretta has built a modeling school that teachs students not just what they need to know and do to get work in the industry but how to do so safely and professionally. Joann is a nationally known fashion consultant and coach that has trained over 70,000 aspiring models and actors, and won countless awards for helping people reach their career goals in the fashion and modeling industry. Ms. Torretta is also a graduate of Northwestern Universit’s School of Speech and Communication and has won the distinguished Leading Fashion Educator award from New York City’s Institute of Technology.

The event will award not just titles and trophies, but an 8 day 7 night resort stay amongst each of three age groups, and also name an overall winner plus one runner up. The overall winner will receive a trip to New York City and meetings with top modeling agencies including airfare and hotel accomodations. Also included will be a one year membership in The Models Guild Of Tampa Bay, and a full year of exposure on the First Impressions website. The first runner up will be awarded a professional fashion photo shoot including hair and makeup, fifty color composite cards plus the one year membership to The Models Guild of Tampa Bay and afull year of online exposure on the First Impressions website.

According to Ms. Torretta, this type of event is vital to anyone getting into this industry for a host of reasons. She cites her own daughter, Gayle Guyardo, former NBC News Anchor on WFLA-TV in Tampa Bay and current host of ‘Access Gayle’, as having developed strong performance skills by competing in numerous competitions in the USA throughout her school years.

For those aspiring to the fashion and modeling industries, this event is an opportunity not to be missed.

The application deadline for the event is currently October 20, 2010 and application can be done online at:

Florida’s Best Fashion Model Search
Florida Model Search

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