San Francisco Airport Hotels-downtown-howard Johnson Inn-suites

San Francisco Airport Hotels-downtown-howard Johnson Inn-suites
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San Francisco Airport hotels-Downtown-Howard Johnson Inn-Suites
Explore the many facets of San Francisco: the worlds most famous downtown areas , from Howard Johnson Inn & Suites hotels close to the airport and within walking distance from Union Square, Chinatown, Nob Hill and the Theatre District, to name a few.

There is nothing like resting your body on a plush and comfortable bed at the Howard Johnson Inn and Suites after a long day of traveling in South San Francisco. Our spacious hotel accommodations and abundant amenities are a welcoming retreat.

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We are pleased to offer many different room selections to fit your needs. Want help planning the perfect California trip? Call 1-800-571-2933 and one of our reservations agents will be happy to answer all your questions and assist you in planning a great vacation.

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Our Newly remodeled rooms

King Room A spacious and well decorated room with a comfy pillow-top King bed to make you feel at home.
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Two Queen Room Your family or group will love our cozy and convenient Two Queen Room! Relax on pillow-top beds in your newly furnished room.

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Park and Fly Package from $ 79.95 Special promotional rate includes up to 7 nights of parking! Free shuttle to and from SFO international from our hotel.

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Want to surprise someone special? Ask us about our Romance Package options which include chocolate, champagne, fruit basket, and flowers.

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Nearest places of interest

Union Square

Located just 14 minutes away from our hotel.

Go Shopping, Shopping, Shopping.@ Union Square

Union Square is most famous for it extensive collection of retail stores.
The third largest shopping area in the United States.
Find some of the finest premium department stores, specialty shops and high-end boutiques in the country in Union Square.
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Newly opened Westfield Centre, home to San Franciscos Bloomingdales.
Hotel proximity to this retail district is exceptionally good as you can skirt in and out of your room to drop off bags and packages.

One of the Popular Attractions, Fishermans Wharf is located 18 minutes from our hotel.

Fishermans Wharf is at a surprisingly short distance from Union Square

It is comprised of an open-air market layout with vendors of crafts, clothing, prepared meals, sourdough bread, fresh produce, gifts and more.

Stroll down the boardwalk as you leisurely lick an ice cream cone. Have your camera ready for photo opportunities with resident sea lions, Alcatraz prison and other interests from Pier 39.

After lunch, make the short jaunt up the hill to the Ghirardelli chocolate factory (free samples are usually available).

Within easy walking distance of Union Square, Chinatown offers as much wonder as Fishermans Wharf with authentic, affordable Chinese food plus vendors of all types sharing their wares inside and out.

Genuine Chinese silk clothing, Chinese groceries, souvenirs, furniture and art can be found within the hundreds of shops in this small community. From the gorgeous gateway on Grant Avenue to the awe-inspiring Bank of Canton building, youll find Chinatown an amazing place to explore.

San Francisco Airport
Located just 4 minutes away from our hotel. Free Airport Shuttle to our hotel

Life at your own pace… Feel like living in Home… Enjoy either it is Business or Pleasure Trip, Howard Johnson Inn & Suites.

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Meeting Rooms – Holiday Inn Benelux

Meeting Rooms – Holiday Inn Benelux
The Benelux is a driving economic force in Europe, with companies continually probing business opportunities that will increase international and cross-border trade. Yet, finding suitable meeting rooms in the Benelux can be fraught with difficulty, especially for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) without conference facilities of their own.

This is where we at Holiday Inn Benelux come in. With almost 30 business hotels located across Belgium and the Netherlands, we have meeting rooms in all sizes and formats, from small intimate venues ideal for breakout sessions, to expansive theatre suites capable of accommodating several hundred delegates.

You will find Holiday Inn Benelux venues in major conference hubs like Brussels and Eindhoven; in historic university towns like Leiden and Ghent, and in popular tourist areas like Ostend and Bruges. Our flexible approach means we can cater for any kind of event, not just board meetings and conferences, and our meeting rooms appeal as much to private function organisers as they do the international conference market.

Friendly, efficient and always open for business

Our easy-to-navigate, comprehensive web site means we at Holiday Inn Benelux are always ready to take your booking. And with 29 superbly equipped hotels offering meeting rooms for up to 800 delegates, we can help you with your event no matter how large your company or prestigious the occasion.

Our search option makes finding a Holiday Inn venue easy work. Just enter the name of the location, and the maximum distance you want to travel. The default search covers all meeting room types, but you can narrow this by, for example, omitting classrooms or banqueting suites, to make the search more specific to your needs. You can further define your options with our advanced search function, which covers things like proximity to airports and motorways, on-site leisure facilities and business centres. Once you have a list of likely options you can compare your choices and make an online enquiry we will respond with availability and cost of the venue/s youve chosen straight away, with a fully costed proposal within 24 hours.

The benefits of Holiday Inn Benelux meeting rooms

There are many benefits to booking our meeting rooms at Holiday Inn. You could start with the extensive catering and refreshment facilities; the spacious, luxurious guest rooms; the on-site spas or the fully staffed leisure clubs. For business users, the most important aspect is probably the services of a dedicated Meetings Host, who will be your personal assistant before, during and after the event, arranging everything from audio-visual equipment to taxis on departure.

We at Holiday Inn Benelux realise its the individual touches which reflect your company image, and impress delegates and clients. So we are happy to personalise meeting rooms in whichever way you choose, from flower arrangements to after dinner speakers. Our cabaret, theatre and banqueting layouts overlook some of the most stunning locations in the Benelux, and our meeting rooms are as suited to wedding receptions and charity galas as they are to training events and business conferences.

The Benelux is a dynamic, invigorating place to live and work. We at Holiday Inn Benelux are proud to be part of its success.

Emma writes articles on Meeting Rooms in Belgium including guides to Meeting Rooms – Holiday Inn Benelux.

Holiday Inn Hotels in Belgium and the Netherlands

Holiday Inn Hotels in Belgium and the Netherlands

A hub of industry, culture and commerce, with its finger on the pulse of European politics, some of the most important decisions affecting the European Union are made in Belgium and the Netherlands. Our Holiday Inn Hotels are sited at strategic locations throughout the area, providing accommodation for both business and leisure visitors.

There are Holiday Inn hotels to suit every budget and purpose. Now part of the Intercontinental Group, they range from scaled-down Holiday Inn Express hotels, to our prestigious Crowne Plaza hotels – upmarket venues specifically catering for the international meetings and conventions market.

Holiday Inn Hotels for every budget

Our Holiday Inn Express (also called Express by Holiday Inn) hotels are scaled-down, competitively priced venues ideal for the smaller business user. With this in mind, they are often located in smaller towns with a large local business population, such as Moerdijk and Hasselt.

The focus with Holiday Inn Express is on convenience and practicality. Catering specifically for short-term business and leisure travellers, meeting rooms hold from 10 to 60 delegates, depending on venue. Recreational facilities are limited, so you won’t find a pool, spa or – in most cases – a fitness centre. Express by Holiday Inn Hotels generally don’t have restaurants either, though all have bars, and are located in central areas with plenty of local amenities.

Naturally, we don’t skimp where it matters, despite our affordability. The business facilities are as impressive as our regular Holiday Inn Hotels, with well-equipped air-conditioned meeting rooms, Wi-Fi and even business centres.

Guest rooms are spacious, smart and well equipped – at Gent, we even have extra-long 2.20 metre beds! Although meetings at this venue are limited to 10 or less our Gent Meetings Centre, located next door, has modular meeting rooms seating up to 400 people. Like our larger hotels, there is the benefit of a Conference Host and Meetings Co-ordinators, who will be on hand from the moment you make your booking to the moment you leave. You will find our Express by Holiday Inn Hotels at Antwerp City North, Gent, Hasselt, Moerdijk and Mechelen City Centre.

From Brussels to Maastricht – Conference hotels where it matters

Our Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn hotels are located in key centres of finance, government and commerce throughout the EU. At Brussels, we have no fewer than seven large, well equipped conference venues, including two at Brussels Airport and one at the Brussels Expo.

Brussels is one of the convention capitals of the world, and an administrative centre of Europe since World War ll. The headquarters of the European Union, NATO, the Western European Union and many other international organisations, Brussels is also a popular tourist destination – our Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn hotels cater admirable for both business and leisure guests, whether it’s a short business meeting or a long-stay holiday.

Maastricht is best known for its historic Treaty – but in fact there’s history everywhere you look, in the towering fortresses, riverside gardens and winding mediaeval streets. Bruges, Leiden, Liege and Amsterdam are similarly well cultured, while at chic IJmuiden Seaport Beach our beach-front location includes conference facilities for up to 1000 delegates! We have Holiday Inn Hotels throughout Belgium and the Netherlands, mixing business with pleasure every step of the way.

Emma writes articles on Meeting Rooms in Belgium including guides to Holiday Inn Hotels.

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Earning A Profit By Running An Inn

Earning A Profit By Running An Inn
Having more space in your home than what you need does not have to be a nuisance. Many individuals, such as “empty nesters” who no longer have children living with them or those that have inherited a large residence, can make a living by lending out this extra space to travelers.

Owning an inn or bed and breakfast is not always an easy task. It is basically like managing a hotel, just on a smaller scale.

Those that want to try their hand at this type of business must really have a good personality and temperament for the hospitality industry. You may find that you have difficult or demanding guests on occasion, and if you are not able to handle them professional and take care of their needs, you may lose business and an income.

It may be unrealistic for some to expect to receive all of their income from owning a B&B. Anyone interested in starting up this type of business will really want to think about the amount of work it necessitates, the possible earnings, and if there is the right market for it in their region.

Some managers may be able to receive tax credits or deductions from the IRS; however, this is not guaranteed. It is easy to calculate your expected income once you decide how many rooms you will have available and how much you decide to charge.

Take the amount that a night’s stay will cost, multiply it by the number of rooms that are available, and multiply that number by seven. That will tell you how much you should expect if each one was occupied seven nights a week.

Then, multiply the number that you gathered by four, because there are four weeks to each month. You can even take this number and multiply it by twelve, indicating how much you should expect each year.

This will be the ideal amount; it indicates how much you could expect to earn if you have one hundred percent full capacity all year. The average inn can keep about fifty percent occupancy; therefore, a more reasonable amount to expect is half of what you originally calculated.

Much of the time, this amount is not reached; therefore, it is important to think through how much business you can expect, due to your location and type of establishment. Deciding on your rates is a very important aspect of opening an inn.

You may feel like setting the rates at a cheaper price will draw in more customers, but this may not always be the case. You may also not get as much as you could have with less bookings.

Charging a reasonable but profitable amount is the best way to have a steady income that covers the bills and keeps the place in operation. Compare with other B&Bs that are near to you and take into consideration the types of accommodations you will be providing.

If the lodging is kept very clean and stylish and you are willing to offer a free breakfast, you can probably charge between sixty and one hundred dollars a night, depending on your location and the type of city or town you live in. Drawing individuals in to your place may be tricky, but it can be done.

Make sure to use proper advertising and marketing; it is probably most important to create a website that is informational and easy to understand. Include pictures of each type of room that is offered, what it includes, and how much it costs per evening.

You should also let visitors to the website know what there is to do in the surrounding area, what kind of amenities your inn has, and what the availability is for each night. Many owners choose to create a calendar and booking system online, so guests with access to a computer can easily log on and find the place they wish to spend their time in.

Create a webpage that is eye catching, including pictures of the establishment and the surrounding environment. Probably the most important part about starting a business in this industry is using your personality and charm to make visitors feel comfortable and have a want to return.

The better you are at tending to the needs of the individuals and being hospitable to them, the more likely they are to come back or to request your bed and breakfast to other individuals that plan to travel nearby. Make sure to think out the process carefully before you decided to become involved in the hospitality industry.

Jack R. Landry has owned several bed and breakfasts since the mid-80s. He has written hundreds of articles about the most comfortable Lenox bed and breakfasts.

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