How to Plan the Perfect Park City Winter Vacation

How to Plan the Perfect Park City Winter Vacation

If you are planning a vacation to the Park City Utah area, you may find yourself overwhelmed with options. While this ski town does have a few big name hotel chains, the majority of the lodging options are privately owned homes and condominiums. The question many vacationers ask is “Where do I even begin”?

These privately owned homes and condos are available for rent through professional management companies or directly through the homeowner. You may even make a reservation through a booking company or central reservations agency which typically takes a commission of up to 25% from the property manager or homeowner.

Savvy travelers often use the Park City Chamber and Visitors Bureau to find information on the various management companies and private owners that may potentially have rentals that fit their needs. This process requires searching through many different websites and comparing listings until a final decision is reached.

Since there are so many different rental management companies offering rentals as well as individually managed rentals available, many vacationers to the area end up making reservations through central reservations agencies simply out of frustration. While this undoubtedly saves time, you have to wonder if you are getting the best price since these booking companies have such a high commission built into the price.

I recently became aware of a website called that specializes in connecting visitors with businesses in the Park City area. Local Tourist is an informational directory similar to the Park City Chamber; however, it allows you to search individual rentals and then contact the property manager directly. You are probably going to get a better deal since they don’t take a commission like booking agencies.

The website also allows you to search restaurants, activity vendors, and do research on the three ski resorts. Local Tourist’s restaurant search is very intuitive and it even lets you search by neighborhood, so it’s easy to find a great restaurant close to where you are staying.

No longer just a ski town, Park City now features over 100 restaurants with many receiving top reviews. With so many choices and so little time you’ll want to make use of the search capability afforded by companies like Local Tourist and the Park City Chamber. The Chamber has the most complete restaurant listing as of the date of this article but Local Tourist is a close second. What it lacks in content it makes up for in search functionality and they must be adding new restaurants every day.

If you’re an avid skier, then Park City with its three world class resorts is a must visit destination. The town also offers many attractions for non-skiers such as the Sundance Film Festival, world class spas, and exceptional fine dining. Park City is also increasingly popular in the summer due to the crisp mountain air, pleasant temperature, and numerous festivals. No matter what season you choose for your vacation Park City will certainly be a memorable experience.

Barry Borenski is a Travel and Leisure columnist who currently resides in Lake Placid New York with his wife and two children. Barry recommends the website Local Tourist for vacation planning to Park City Utah.

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Bed and Breakfast in Maryland

Bed and Breakfast in Maryland

There are many bed and breakfasts in Maryland, some of which can offer some of the most tranquil, peaceful getaway for you and your loved one. Enjoy some of the finest accommodations in the country in many of Maryland best inns. Have a peek inside some of these cottages, cabins, and stately rooms and see what you have been missing.

The Cozy country inn, located in the foothills of the Catoctin mountains, is a quaint and charming cottage style bed and breakfast inn. It features rooms and cottages that are decorated to commemorate the style of presidents and dignitaries who have visited Camp David or the cozy. These rooms are specifically tailored to each president’s tastes and you can find some of the finest decorations in the world here. For example, the Kennedy room has a replica of the famous Kennedy rocker located in the sitting area.

Another great Bed and Breakfast in Maryland is The Castle, which had been in business since 1986. The castle was previously a stone house built by the Union mining company. For many years it was in the hands of private family’s who used it for everything from a brothel to a casino. After it’s renovation, it became one of the most popular accommodations in Alleghany county. Every morning there is an assortment of fine teas and coffees served, and each evening you can relax in the sitting area with a wide variety of cheeses, cookies and fresh fruit.

The Casselman is a 19th century hostelry, built in 1824 by Solomon Sterner to serve travelers on the National road. Many historic sites surround the inn and may be visited throughout the Grantsville community. The Inn also features a large 125 seat dining room which specializes in simple country food as well as a wide variety of amish cuisine. Whatever bed and breakfast in Maryland you decide to stay at, you will not be disappointed.  If your looking for a B&B in Maryland, you have to check out my guide.

Rob Vrabel is the webmaster of The #1 Source for Things To Do in America! since 1998.

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A Vermont Bed and Breakfast – The Ideal Staying Place For Nature Lovers

A Vermont Bed and Breakfast – The Ideal Staying Place For Nature Lovers

Vermont bed and breakfast inns are the best place for you to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. This place is considered as the green mountain state where you can find lots of fun things to do with the help of nature’s resources. You can enjoy snowboarding or skiing on one of the several mountains that are covered by snow in winter. You can also enjoy several activities in the summer such as fishing, paddling, hiking, biking or playing a round of golf. However during fall foliage season, you can join other leaf peepers to gaze in wonder at the brilliant colors.

Tourists in Vermont frequently receive a comfortable and traditional welcome at lodgings that can range from small Vermont bed and breakfast inn to country inns to modern resorts with spas and other luxuries. Vermont remains as a magnificent destination for country drives, mountain rumbles, and overnights at country inns. Bed and breakfast getaways are also perfect for couples that are seeking for a break into their very busy world and wants to have at least a couple of hours to relax and enjoy the company of each other.

Vermont bed and breakfasts comprise a few houses listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as well as houses, farms and inns that exist for generations. Of course as the name suggests bed and breakfast inns in Vermont provide you a generous breakfast with a good presentation and by Vermont maple syrup. Most of these bed and breakfast inns are situated in towns and villages where good dining, historic attractions, sports activities, and even shopping are plentiful.

At the same time as you can enjoy different activities at Vermont, like the wonders of nature if you choose to stay at a traditional bed and breakfast inns in a farm. This is definitely a re-energizing getaway for an individual who is stressed in the city life and pressured at work. Overall Vermont bed and breakfasts are a great vacation or getaway for people in all walks of life!

So this is it… you’ve found contentment in New England bed and breakfasts, beginning with Vermont. But what about others? Did you know that there are some fantastic Delaware bed and breakfasts? To learn more about all of your options, visit my site at Your perfect vacation is only a couple short clicks away!

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Experince wines by wines by availing Cheaper lodging packages coupled with winery experince during

Experince wines by wines by availing Cheaper lodging packages coupled with winery experince during
Spending Napa Valley Getaway with Quality Accommodation

Are you looking for the best but low priced accommodation for your Napa Valley vacation?Christopher’s Inn is an intimate and ultra-deluxe European style bed and breakfast inn that assures one of the greatest accommodations during your trip. Besides the relaxing atmosphere, soft feather beds, refreshing Jacuzzis and cozy fireplaces inside their comfy rooms are also provided by the company. They further pamper their vacationers with complimentary breakfast served in bed in a fascinating country basket that includes freshly cooked eggs and scrumptious bread. Another hotel you must examine if you wish to escape the busier towns of Napa and enjoy a more serene environment is Bartels Ranch and Bed and Breakfast near St. Helena, CA. This amazing 60-acre estate has an overlooking view of the entire valley from their huge and elegantly designed room’s windows. For day tours, it is located near attraction spots like various lakes and bird sanctuaries that are perfect venues for a refreshing picnic with families and friends.

Advantages of an Exciting Napa Valley Escapade

Having a getaway into another place for a short time is one of the perfect means to relax, have fun, and get rid of your life’s daily stressors. The famous Napa Valley is the selected escapade destination for more than five million vacationers annually. It is a magical spot that is situated an hour away from north of San Francisco making it very accessible for many guests. The Valley’s sunshine is cooled by revitalizing breezes and a weather that is best for vineyards growing grapes, as well as for individuals who enjoy day tours to its different amazing attractions. There are many medicinal hot springs and lavish spas provided by the place so guests are assured to refresh both their minds and bodies. Another benefit you can have form your Napa Valley vacation is different activities such as horseback riding and walking at any of its different beautiful parks. The best thing about traveling to this amazing place is that accommodation deals are plenty which gives vacationers a chance to find one that suits their budget.

Spending Your Napa Valley Vacation at the Wonderful St. Helena

When you plan a Napa Valley vacation, it should come into your awareness that there are a lot of key areas that make up most of Napa Valley. The place is identified for its wine where adults are provided several amazing things to do which may not be exciting for children. One tourist spot that adults should tour is Beringer Vineyards, which is the oldest wine grower to date in California that was built in St. Helena. Beringer was founded in 1876 and it provides daily trips and tasting of wines for its thousands of vacationers at very reasonable rates. In addition, the vineyard is packed with lush landscaping and historic buildings where every vacationer can learn a thing or two about the history of the place, as well as local way of life. Shopping enthusiasts will have a great time because St. Helena is also highly considered as a haven for different shops selling items ranging from antiques to contemporary devices.

A Variety of Tours from your Napa Valley Escapade

Napa Valley, which is California’s wonderful 4-mile wide valley with fascinating towns, wine growers, and rural scenery, is home to one of a kind tourist spots like the Petrified Forest, the Old Faithful Geyser of California, and Safari West wildlife preserve. With thousands of vacationers coming all year long, various accommodation packages were designed with guest’s comfort and enjoyment in mind. In addition, these vacation deals can regularly be customized to meet accommodation requirements like tight budget or type of rooms and services to be taken advantage of. Napa Valley vacation packages are inclusive of unique day tours to different attractions like a cave tour, private tours to a lot of vineyards, train rides to a scenic winery where wine tasting is offered, and an incredible balloon ride over the valley. For guests wanting night activities, they are also provided with night parties and local shows that are available at a minimal cost. All of these tours assure guests an unforgettable experience while involving themselves to various exciting activities.

Are you a wine enthusiast who wants to drink teh best wines the world has to offer? You must avail Napa Valley Vacations tours to experience the countless wineries in the place. When you book a cheap hotels deals combined with day tours, you will see many wineries while tasting some of the best wines in the world!

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Try Medocino For A Fabulous Bed And Breakfast Vacation

Try Medocino For A Fabulous Bed And Breakfast Vacation
Deciding upon a Mendocino Inn, located in Mendocino, California, is the ideal getaway location for individuals of any age. This secluded property provides you with the feeling of being alone in the world, despite the fact that it is just 2 hours away from the Bay area. Additionally, you can forget you’re even in California since the unpredictable climate results in the experience of finding yourself in a far away land in Europe, insulating you from the hustle and bustle of regular life.

You will find that the Mendocino Inn, although it feels secluded, is merely a matter of minutes from the town of Mendocino, which offers restaurants, shopping and an old world experience. The feeling of having left California is further improved by the way the houses in the town of Mendocino are made. Instead of a mishmash of numerous models, this area has created its homes in a New England Captain design. Not only does this present some simple continuity, it really increases the overall lure of design in this region. In addition, it lends to the experience of being in the past where today’s world has not yet interfered.

Picking out a Mendocino Inn is a wonderful option if you wish to find a exclusive place to hold a extraordinary celebration. As an example, if you are getting married and you want a stunning intimate spot to do that, then a Mendocino Inn should have something excellent to provide. Additionally, it is great for an anniversary party, family reunion, high school reunion and more.

You will also see that this can be a area that is great for the perfect celebration. If you are going on your honeymoon, remembering an anniversary, or just getting an opportunity to spend your first weekend ever without your children, finding a Mendocino Inn is the correct choice for you. The environment is personal, creating the mood that you’ll want for your special occasion.

If you’re somebody that likes to be on the run during vacation, neighbors in Mendocino have got a great deal to offer. Virtually every month of the year is full of activities, celebrations, parades, wine tastings or BBQ. You will not lack for company and fun, if that is what you are searching for.

If you prefer some time to yourself but in the great outdoors, then you can choose to go horseback riding, fishing, diving, whale watching, canoeing, kayaking, explore outside gardens, spend some time on the beach, take nature walks a great deal more. There’ll never be a absence of things to do at a Mendocino Inn.

The price ranges at a few Mendocino Inns are usually quite acceptable but could vary during different seasons. You should make use of the different discounts and offers that they have to offer so you receive the best rates. For example, if fishing is your thing, you’ll find a Salmon deal for only $ 75 a person.

You can get other package specials including a last second deal for when you make a booking less than 72 hours prior to arrival, the five night mini vacation, girlfriend getaway, the baby-moon package and the ultimate romantic getaway. Book your room today.

Mendocino inns are known for providing relaxing entertainment and hospitality. If you want to stay in a bed and breakfast California coast, you would be wise to choose Mendocino. You’ll have a great time on vacation.

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