Phuket Resorts And Inns Will Surely Sweep You Off Your Feet

Phuket Resorts And Inns Will Surely Sweep You Off Your Feet
Holidaying and vacationing is emerging as a strong contender amid populaces as they are increasingly becoming aware of the bad effects that prolonged working can have on their relationships and family. The increasing burden that work related responsibilities put on us makes it a compulsion to holiday once in a while; even when a while means a year. The fact that holidaying can rejuvenate your latent energies and makes it possible to adjust and balance professional and personal life will make many a people wonder as to why didnt they think of this before.

After finalizing on the motive, it is imperative to settle on the destination as there is an assortment of tourist destination ready to allure you into their laps. In such circumstance one name that makes itself stand out from the rest is Phuket. Phuket is the largest island and a south province in Thailand which boasts of innumerous white sand beaches and exquisite nightlife. One can find blissful ambience and a milieu of exquisiteness in this pearl of Thailand. It is however imperative for folks to plan their trip well ahead of time to avert last minute hassles and unreserved worries.

One can use the World Wide Web to locate various Phuket inn and phuket resorts to acquire an apt know how and acquaintance with the environment there. They can also reserve rooms well in advance to make their travel and accommodation utterly straight forward and unproblematic. The vivacious night life and a plethora of adventure activities can make this trip the most memorable one of your entire life. There are a lot of Phuket resorts which are sea facing and can provide you with every ultra modern amenity that you wish for; from private swimming pools to internet connectivity to boat services. These phuket resorts have become synonymous with luxury and lavishness.

Based up on your reading up to this point do not fabricate an opinion that phuket is a place only for the high end individuals as it is indeed a location which welcomes all with open hands and a warm heart. Even if you are voyaging on a shoe string budget, you can find a multitude of phuket inn which will save you a lot of resources which can then be adjusted against other travel expenses. The mouth watering delicacies and awe inspiring scenery can bring you to your wits end. Apart from this, you can indulge yourself in water skiing, scuba diving, surfing and a horde of other fun filled activities which will leave you exhausted yet craving for more.

Luxurious phuket resorts will pamper you with their value added services such as spas, which will revitalize your body and mind relentlessly. Now before you start planning things down, look up on the internet and if possible book rooms in a phuket resorts well before you arrive there. Search for credible reviews and apt testimonials to support your decision as you do not want t o go there and find a completely different situation.

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Camelback Inn Real Estate Is Paradise In The Valley

Camelback Inn Real Estate Is Paradise In The Valley
Way back when, around 1936, Jack Stewart was an ambitious would-be hotelier persuaded a group of investors to finance construction of a new resort nestled in the lush high Sonoran desert of Arizona. The investors were led by Stewarts friend, John C. Lincoln, an Ohio businessman who believed in Stewarts vision of a world-class retreat snuggled in the shadows of Camelback Mountain on acres and acres of this prime land. In years to come, the stunning Scottsdale and Paradise Valley real estate area that is home to the Camelback Inn has become a haven for luxurious homes, estates and mansions.

Designed by architect Edward Loomis Bowes, the Camelback Inn originally accommodated 75 guests and cost an at-the-time whopping $ 75,000 to build. The resort immediately attracted affluent travelers who endured long train rides to Phoenix from the East Coast and Midwest, then suffered another 12-mile trek down bumpy dirt roads to reach their Southwestern adventure. But the trip was well worth it, culminating in a serene setting and activities such as horseback riding, desert exploration and other outdoor excursions that introduced vacationers to the wonders of their secluded surroundings.

Welcoming guests and making them feel at home is a Camelback Inn tradition that was begun by Stewart and his wife, the former Mabel Louise Shoemaker. Louise was known as a social dynamo who organized grand events instilling a spirit of camaraderie among guests that lives on to this day.

Early guest-lists were rife with rich and famous business leaders, high-placed politicos and A-list Hollywood celebrities including Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart and Bette Davis. J. W. Marriott, Sr. shared the Stewarts love for the Camelback Inn, and in 1967, Marriott proudly made the Camelback Inn the companys first resort.

J.W. (Bill) Marriott, Jr., sustained his father’s commitment to the Camelback Inn by overseeing further expansion. These continuous improvements have earned the resort numerous accolades over the years, and in February 1989, another magnificent addition was unveiled: The Spa at Camelback Inn. The 31,000-square-foot full-service facility has been ranked one of the Top 100 spas in the world.

While spa-fans will fall in love with The Spa, golf aficionados will definitely appreciate the Camelback Inns 36 holes of championship golf. In fact, the Padre Course features soaring shade trees and strategic bunkering, while desert and mountain views, towering palm – and eucalyptus-lined fairways and multiple lakes surround the Indian Bend Course.

The Camelback Inn, a celebrated fixture at the foot of Camelback Mountain for nearly eight decades, saw some major updates in 2007, including new restaurants, a reinvention of the main building, a complete rebuild of the ballroom and the creation of a soothing experiential courtyard with water and fire elements. Known for some time now as the JW Marriott Camelback Inn, all of these new changes were designed to showcase the unique essence and soul of this legendary historical landmark whose tag-line says it all: In all the world, only one.

Source:; information used with permission. Article Source: Russ Lyon blog

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Booking Accommodation with Bed and Breakfast Inns in Christchurch New Zealand?

Booking Accommodation with Bed and Breakfast Inns in Christchurch New Zealand?

Known as the most English place, Christchurch – the garden city of New Zealand is a best place which can solve your plan of where to stay in. But you are wondering your accommodation that what types of place to book. Luckily, I suggest that booking in a bed and breakfast inn will be perfect way to have the comforts as you are in your home  with a fair few extra indulgences, and you can save time for discovery in this beautiful and wonderful city.


If you choose to stay close to the city, there is plenty to entertain you after you’ve enjoyed starting the day with some home baked goodies and local produce. With a goodbye wave to your host (who can help you find the places you really want to visit) you’ll be ready to explore the city. You can easily spend several days exploring the Arts centre, the fabulous Victorian architecture, the Botanical Gardens and Cathedral Square, where you can climb the tower in the Anglican Cathedral for a small fee and take in the view of the city. Once back down you can look at some of the fabulous art installations and select some food from one of the local food stalls or a cafe. For those people needing a little mental stimulation, try a chess game with the oversized public pieces. There are plenty of shops to purchase mementos for you to take home here as well.


Of course, if you want to venture further afield, there is nothing to stop you leaving your bed and breakfast in Christchurch and discovering a little more of Canterbury. Take a trip out to the French settlement of Akaroa, where you can take a cruise to watch dolphins, or Oxford where you can enjoy a day at Jo Seagar’s cooking school, and of course her famous fudge alongside a good coffee, before driving further west to the snowy mountains, or venture south to Geraldine to enjoy the fabulous food including jams, chocolates and amazing local cheese. Alternatively take a day jaunt through North Canterbury’s niche vineyards, stopping off at the Nor Wester for some great food and local wine or beer.


There is no shortage of things to do in the area. If you want to make sure you have the energy you’ll need to get through it all, it’s a good idea to book a good night’s sleep within comfortable and luxurious surroundings, which you are sure to find at a bed and breakfast in Christchurch, New Zealand.


The New Zealand Bed & Breakfast Book is NZ’s foremost B&B guide, with nearly 1400 listings. Its popularity is not only a reflection of changing holiday trends but a response by New Zealanders to open their homes and share their experiences with travellers. The NZ Bed & Breakfast Book is not just an accommodation guide it is an introduction to a uniquely New Zealand holiday experience. Find Bed and Breakfast – Inns in Christchurch

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The Inn’s Last 800 Years Have Seen Time Stand Still

The Inn’s Last 800 Years Have Seen Time Stand Still

This tale is one of passion, intrigue and even of ghosts. It spans a period of 800 years and goes back to the time of the Crusaders and to the time of the legendary outlaw Robin Hood. In the year 1187 the Seljukian Turks, the Saracens, captured Jerusalem once again in the name of Islam. Incensed, the Europeans set off on a crusade to recapture the fallen city and marched to the Holy Land.

They were led by Phillip Augustus of France, and King Richard I of England and such was their zeal that even Richard sold everything he could to finance this third Crusade… church and crown lands, titles, offices of state, he levied taxes and fleeced the English Barons. But all was to no avail as Saladin, the Saracen Emperor, beat back the Christians and retained Jerusalem.

In the heart of the English Midlands, lay the city of Nottingham, where its castle built on a hill of sandstone, overlooked the Nottinghamshire countryside. Here lived the Sheriff of Nottingham, who, according to legend, was constantly plagued by his adversary, Robin Hood. The hill was riddled with a warren of caves that for many of Nottingham’s citizens was home.

The River Leen flowed by the foot of the castle hill where on the river bank a brewery house had been established in 1097 to brew for the castle occupants. Water for the beer was drawn from the river whilst the com was ground on a grindstone near the brewery. During the Third Crusade the brewery house, which by now had become an inn, was used as a resting place by knights on their journey to join their King on the Crusade.

The inn soon became known as “Ye Tryppe to Jerusalem” (the ancient English word “tryppe” stemmed from the Latin word meaning “to halt or rest”). The inn gained some notoriety when Queen Isabella, wife of King Edward II, entertained her lover Mortimer at Nottingham Castle. Romantics believed that Isabella, who had been made a virtual prisoner by the King, received Mortimer at the castle after he had gained entry by climbing the inn’s 20 meter long chimney, which was reputed to lead to a secret passageway into the castle.

Isabella eventually escaped with her lover to France from where in 1326 she overthrew her husband and subsequently caused his murder at Berkeley Castle in the English country of Gloucestershire. The inn remained the property of the castle until 1621 when James I granted a separation warrant to create what was then the smallest parish in England comprising some five houses, the brewery and a population of just thirty inhabitants.

To the rear of the building and burrowed out of the hill are two large cells that were used to keep prisoners including those who had been condemned to death. The cells still have their wrought iron gates and set in the walls are the iron rings to which the prisoners were shackled. Near the brewery yard was the gibbet from which many of those unfortunates must have swung when the due penalty of the law was carried out.

In the 19th century Nottingham Castle was burnt down and replaced by the present building. At about the same time, the Trip to Jerusalem came into the hands of the Ward family, Georgina Marshall the present licensee is a descendant of George “Yorky” Ward the first of the family to run the premises. For the inn which is said to be the oldest in England, the last 800 years have seen time stop still. The River Leen is now covered and can no longer be seen. But the inn buildings are still the same as they ever were, and even the old living accommodation above the bar is still in use. There are rooms here that Georgina has not yet seen, and that is after 15 years of living there. But perhaps that is not surprising because the inn is reputed to be haunted and even now glasses mysteriously shatter.

Author: Kalista Neoma
Tour and Travel Notes.

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The Woodstock Inn in Woodstock, VT – I Keep Going Back

The Woodstock Inn in Woodstock, VT – I Keep Going Back

They say that Vermont is a state of mind. That is how I feel about Woodstock Inn. I discovered this delightful country estate back in the days when the guests in the original old building shared a bath down the hall. My Dad first introduced me to the Inn, when we traveled from Connecticut to ski the local mountains–Mt. Tom, Suicide Six and Okemo.

The food, service and ambiance at the Woodstock Inn was so inviting that I chose to spend part of my honeymoon at the Inn during the height of Vermont’s vibrant foliage season.

Last week the entire Hill Team spent many memorable days at the renovated Woodstock Inn and Resort on the Village Green. We were delighted to find the usually quirky May weather to be a bright, sunny, 70 degrees during our stay. We had managed to hit a perfect spring in Woodstock. The lavender and white lilacs were in full bloom. Bright red tulips and yellow daffodils filled the Inn’s delightful gardens.

Then there is the food. Although the nostalgic part of me misses the old world atmosphere of the original dining room, The new Red Rooster is the talk of the town. We call it casually sophisticated, with top service from the entire staff.

We oohd and ahhd over a delicious dinner . Having tried many versions of salmon all over the world, we all agreed that the Woodstock Inn served one of the best, recommended by our waiter. He also paired the perfect wine with our crab stuffed artichoke appetizers from their impressive list.

Each fresh fillet was crusty on the outside and hot, pink and juicy inside.

Although Woodstock is not on the water, each cafe’ chef told us that they can receive fish caught that morning to serve in the evening from purveyors in Boston.

For those of us who are up with the sun, complimentary coffee is served in the library from 7-l0 am each day.

Although the inn serves breakfast and lunch, my favorite breakfast (aside from Eggs Benedict served in your room or lanai), is their Three Onion Cream featured on our blog. We like this onion relish on a freshly baked bagel with Green Mountain coffee. Adding some smoked salmon is a bonus taste sensation.

For lunch, any homemade soup of the day is the ultimate comfort lunch.

There is so much more to the Woodstock Inn than the food and lovely rooms and suites, some with closed in glass lanais for privacy, in room dining or as an extra office.

There is a complimentary racquet and fitness club, with indoor pool, saunas and full spa services close by via free shuttle. The Inn also offers a par 70 Trent Jones Sr. Golf Course and lessons. The gift shop stocks Simon Pearce glass and Shackleton hand-made furniture and pottery. A complimentary, personal tour of these local attractions, as well as the Billings Farm, can be arranged.

My favorite place in the inn is reminiscent of the rich, wood-paneled English pub I remember from snowy winter evenings. Richardson’ Tavern serves innovative cocktails and good pub grub from 4pm on in a quiet, yet convivial atmosphere.

I know Norm’s favorite without asking. The English custom of serving afternoon tea and homemade chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies in the library each afternoon.

I suspect that Maralyn appreciates the up to date and speedy Internet access in this classic old property, while always retaining the traditional flavor of the original Woodstock Inn.

In any case, the Hill Team highly recommends the Woodstock Inn. It’s always a delightful treat.

As a longtime food writer for Where Magazine New York City, Brenda Hill, along with her writing partner, Maralyn Hill (no relation), writes and publishes books about chefs, food and international travel. They co-authored Our Love Affairs with Food & Travel and joined French Master Chef Herv Laurent in writing Cooking Secrets: The Why and How Brenda has been active in the California Writer’s Club, IFWTWA, and the Santa Barbara’s Writers Conference. Brenda Hill and her partner Maralyn Hill conduct marketing and writing seminars ane will have a new book on writing, “Success, Your Path to a Successful Book.” They also enjoy being food judges.

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