Simple Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Wedding

Simple Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Wedding

In most cases weddings are held indoors. Typical places are church halls, town halls, hotels, restaurants and inns. Some may also want to have the event at the countryside. In all of these cases, you have enclosed areas for your event. As such you have typical walls, roof, arch ways and entrances to help with your décor. Of course decorating rooms are much easier than open space.

If you are holding your wedding outside, you are confronted with different kind of challenge. You no longer have the objects in the room such as pews and windows to hang your flowers on. You cannot have entrances to decorate with balloons or ceiling to hang ribbons. Outdoor decoration therefore needs to be handled in much different way than indoor ones.

We take a look at how to go about your outdoor decoration such that you achieve the same effects as if it was done indoors.

One simple trick is to create a simulation. You can create artificial entrances, windows and doors and start your decoration from there.

For the artificial entrances, you need two supporting frames and then adorn your flowers over the frame. You can create a simple rectangular door looking entrance or an arch type. The arch type will fit a traditional or formal wedding. If you go for the rectangular, try balloons – colored ones – at the top. You can also hang some ones freely to dangle as the air blows along it.

For a garden wedding, you can hang your flowers, ribbons and balloons on the branches. They should not be so high otherwise they will not produce the impression you want. Again, you should use colors that contrast with your garden fruits and branches so the decoration becomes distinct.

Outdoor wedding are fun to have. People can enjoy the air and the breeze. They can also interact more with nature, feel at home and move about freely. To achieve the best for your guests you will need to decorate the scene, put up comfortable chairs and give them shelter from the sun, rain and other inconveniences.

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My Five Favourite Luxury Cars

My Five Favourite Luxury Cars

Luxury Car Number 1: Cadillac Escalade/EXT
To begin my list of favourite luxury cars is the Escalade. Starting its life as a humble re-badge of the Tahoe/Yukon, the Cadillac Escalade has become so much more than just another luxury sports utility vehicle. The newest Escalades are amazingly comfortable, spacious, and even come with hybrid drive trains that make the most iconic bling vehicle in the world somewhat green.

While the Escalade made its debut for the 1999 model year, it wasn’t until 2007 that the vehicle really came into its own as the third generation hit the streets. Based on the GMT 900 platform, the modern Escalade starts at US$ 62,495 and can easily top $ 100,000. For those that demand luxury, power, comfort and bling, there is no alternative to the Escalade.

Luxury Car Number 2: Mercedes-Benz CLS550
Mercedes-Benz has been making some of the most gorgeous and luxurious automobiles on the road forever, and the vehicles with CLS550 badges on them are no exception. Of course, a Merc makes my list of favourite luxury cars! Swoopy lines define the style while excellent handling and a potent 382 horsepower 5.5L V8 give the CLS550 some serious power. Starting at US$ 74,000, the CLS550 is almost destined to become a collectible someday, as so many of its predecessors have. Not bad for a class that started production in time for the 2004 model year.

Luxury Car Number 3: The BMW 7 Series
BMW has a lengthy history of building some of the best, full-sized luxury cars on the market, and the company focuses heavily on cars that are driver-friendly. This means great performance, agility and road handling traits in everything from the lowliest 1 series on up to the immense 7 series sedans. Starting with the 714i at US$ 70,150, the current BMW 7 series offers a grand total of 10 sub-models. The top of the line is the 500 horsepower Alpina B7 which will set buyers back $ 122,000, but the vehicle truly is in a class of its own. A worthy entry in the top five favourite luxury cars list.

Luxury Car Number 4: Lincoln Town Car
No list of favourite luxury cars would be complete without at least mentioning the Lincoln Town Car. Starting at US$ 46,700, the modern Lincoln Town Car is indeed a throwback to a slightly earlier time, despite Lincoln’s best efforts to keep the car modern. This means that the modern Lincoln might not handle the slalom as quickly as a 7 series but there are precious few vehicles on the road that have a ride that is equally as supple and detached from road conditions as the Lincoln Town Car.

Luxury Car Number 5: Hyundai Equus
A radical entry in the favourite luxury cars list? While most people tend to think of Hyundai as a manufacturer of bargain-basement economy cars, the truth is that Hyundai has been successfully marketing luxury cars in Asia, Europe, and Africa for more than a decade. The company’s newest version of the Equus was released in 2009 worldwide, and it is on my top five favourite luxury car list because it combines reliability with power, comfort and affordability. In short, this is a luxury car that the average consumer could actually hope to attain.

With 385 horsepower on tap, the Equus is no slouch and it receives favourable reviews, even when compared to rivals such as the Lexus LS 460 and Mercedes-Benz S550. While no final price point has been determined for the U.S. spec Equus, the figures of US$ 60,000 and $ 75,000 have both been tossed around. While those are in line with Cadillacs and other top-end luxury marques, there is little doubt that the Korean-made Equus will be more reliable and durable in the long run.

Freelance writer Hugh McInnes is a passionate lover of cars and keen industry observer. He only buys cars from licensed car dealers when he is upgrading his vehicle. Currently Hugh is driving around Australia and selling the odd story to get by, but aspires to one day trade in his 4WD and own a luxury car.

Affluent Page Presents Rejuvenate The Spirit

Affluent Page Presents Rejuvenate The Spirit
North of Los Angeles, in the shadows of the Topa Topa Mountains, the experience of a lifetime awaits. The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, a central California coastal landmark, which received a $ 90 million facelift in 2006, personifies luxury while offering all of the amenities of home.

Situated on 220 perfectly manicured acres lined with beautiful, shady trees and boasting colorful, sweeping vistas, the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa is often called one of the nations hidden treasures. This AAA Five Diamond resort is elegantly decorated in a classic Spanish Colonial style, and features 308 newly remodeled guest rooms (with 72 designated as suites) with four-poster beds, Spanish-style corner fireplaces, and unimpeded access to a furnished outdoor terrace with an optional gas firepit.

For your dining pleasure, the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa offers three unique options. The Oak Caf, the resorts posh, redesigned breakfast venue, boasts a wholesome menu that features locally-grown produce, various freshly-squeezed juices, and granola made in-house by trained culinary experts. For the ultimate afternoon or evening meal, the Oak Grill offers prime steaks using the best cuts of meat, flawlessly-grilled seafood, gourmet soups, and light, zesty salads. And for a more casual atmosphere, Jimmys provides a Cheers-like experience and serves specialty beer and California wines, as well as authentic brick-oven pizza.

The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa also added two new spacious ballrooms during its extensive renovation. Continuing the same Spanish Colonial tradition, both spaces use warm, Mediterranean- themed sensual colors, lush carpeting, cozy fireplaces, and offer the perfect venue for social gatherings or wedding receptions.

If you decide to emerge from your serene rooms for recreation, take advantage of the resorts first-rate golf course, created by famed architect George C. Thomas. The classic 1923 design is uniquethe front and back nines are reversed, enhancing the golfers access to the challenging first hole. The course also provides a new Spanish Colonial-style Pro Shop that boasts new lockers, a golf valet, and a caddy program that links novice golfers with professional service that rivals the PGAs finest. If you want to decrease the commute the course to your vacation home, reserve Casa Elar, a palatial Tuscan-style home bordering the course.

Looking for a more challenging workout? Visit the spas 1,600 square-foot Mind/Body gym, where you enjoy state-of-the-art equipment and a studio for Yoga or Tai Chi classes. Or, step outside and tackle an afternoon of leisure horseback riding, bird watching, biking, or swimming in one of the spas two adult-only pools.

After a long day on the links, trails, or wherever you decided to indulge, unwind at Spa Ojai. Opened in 1997, the 31,000 square-foot Andalusian Spanish-style spa embodies the Mediterranean living experience. The spa features 28 treatment rooms, and a 3,500 square-foot penthouse with two living areas, four private guest rooms, a meditation loft, and large balconies. Accessible only by private elevator, the penthouse suite also has its own treatment room, outdoor whirlpools, and sauna.

The sacred traditions of the Chumash Indiansthe Ojai Valleys first inhabitantsinspire the Ojai Valley Inn and Spas one-of-a-kind treatments. The Kuyam (koo-yam), the spas signature treatment that combines mud therapy, wet and dry heat therapy, inhalation therapy and guided mediation, is the first of its kind offered in the United States. Other treatments unique to the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa include the Elderberry & Ginger Detoxification, which uses elderberries to hydrate, rose powder to exfoliate, and sensuous rose oil to nourish the skin.

The possibilities at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa are endless. For almost 90 years, because of the impeccable service and quality, distinguished guests from all over the United States and around the world have proudly called this splendid oasis their home away from home. If tradition holds truewhich seems to be the case thus farit is probably safe to say that the best is yet to come.

The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa are the beautiful spots in this planet. This is a well written article that carries wealthy information about Topa Topa Mountains and The Oak Cafe.

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Bed and Breakfast Inn Owners – How Market Research Can Improve Your B&B

Bed and Breakfast Inn Owners – How Market Research Can Improve Your B&B

If you own or manage a B&B you should consider the following benefits obtainable from market research as part of your business success.

Benefits of Market Research

One of the greatest benefits obtained from undergoing some form of market research is a richer understanding of your target market and competitors. Being able to assess how well aligned your Inn is with your target market and its competitive marketplace can be invaluable. You will begin to get an idea of what others in your industry are doing in terms of marketing and budget in order to attract and retain guests.

Market Research is particularly important for setting up your business marketing plan & objectives, along with making strategic business decisions. The information you find out can help you refine your marketing campaigns. You may find that a certain radio station, bed and breakfast publication or website has returned a profitable return on investment for other Inn owners and therefore decide to devote more of your advertising budget to this source.

Market Research Ideas & Sources

– A good habit to get into is regularly reading free and paid reports about industry trends and patterns. You can also consult other B&B owners; join up to industry forums with other owners from around the world and within your country.

– There are many sources that contain industry related information such as: online and print magazines, newspapers and journals. Being aware of what is going on in the bed and breakfast marketplace can help you anticipate potential declines or slow times and make allowances for this period.

– Find out about upcoming hospitality conferences where consultants from the accommodation industry will be speaking about statistics and trends. Tourism business advisors can provide you with comprehensive information relating to your industry.

– Read travel blogs, reviews and testimonials about other bed and breakfasts with a similar value offering to your own, look for what they liked / disliked about their stay. Making comparison with similar bed and breakfast providers helps you ensure you are on the same or better playing level.

Another idea for gaining valuable information is to ask friends and family to stay at other accommodation providers’ which target the same market as you, and then supply you with constructive feedback on how your business compares. Again, helping you understand if you are meeting the needs of your target market.

Feedback from guests about where and how they found your Inn is another important form of market research. If you provide an evaluation / rating card, covering service questions such as : How did you find us? and How would you rate our B&B meals? which guests can fill out after their stay, you can use the information found from this tool as a benchmark. Giving you an opportunity to improve on areas which are scored lower than you would prefer.

Given that the burn out rates for B&B providers can be particularly high, it is even more important to dedicate sufficient time and resources to market research. You should continue to invest in marketing that works and drop others that are less effective. Eventually you will be able to reduce your marketing spend to just those mediums which provide you with a steady flow of guests, whilst trialling other advertising methods that you have found in your market research process which are associated with your target audience.

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