Booking meeting rooms in Najran with Holiday Inn

Booking meeting rooms in Najran with Holiday Inn

Ancient and fascinating, in an area of unique scenic beauty, the city of Najran is one of the jewels of Saudi Arabia. With compelling archaeological sites, modern scenic attractions, and a thriving business district company constantly in need of meeting rooms, Najran hotels have to cater for both business and leisure visitors – something we at Holiday Inn Najran are particularly well equipped to do.

Just 7 km from the modern city centre, yet close to cultural and scenic attractions like Al-Ukhdood, the Najran Dam and the Empty Quarter, we at Holiday Inn Najran are located less than 20 km from the International Airport, and have ample parking facilities. Our meeting rooms and banquet hall –free to delegates dining and staying at the hotel – house up to 670 delegates, with stylish accommodation that includes 12 suites and 5 luxurious villas; perfect for private get-togethers with colleagues. Our 4 superb restaurants offer a wide range of European and Arabic cuisines, while our gym, spa and outside pool are perfect for after-hours relaxation.

If you want an interesting, scenic location for your meeting rooms, Najran has it all. Located in a lush fertile valley, or wadi, below the Asir and Yemen highlands, Najran province has been a major agricultural area for 4000 years. The swathes of date palms and orange groves, rich in birdlife, abruptly end where the river meets the desert at Rub’ Al-Khali (the Empty Quarter) – a popular destination for jeep safaris.

The majority of the populace belong to the ancient Yam tribe, who work the 100 or so farms along the fertile wadi – or have jobs in the thriving modern city. Incorporating many of the original buildings of Abul Saud, the town it grew up around, Najran has one of the most attractive central business districts in Saudi Arabia. Traditional souks and mosques sit alongside sympathetically designed modern banks, shops, boutiques and offices, while palm-lined parks and avenues offer pleasant shade from the sun.

Whatever your reason may be for booking meeting rooms, Najran’s old city of Al-Ukhdood is definitely worth taking time out to investigate. The first Yemeni city to fall to Roman occupation, it was once an important centre for trading in spices, located on the main trading routes between the Mediterranean and South Arabia. It was originally surrounded by a massive circular wall; parts of this can still be seen even today, and its name translates as “The Ditch” or “The Groove”. A defensive moat can still be seen, and the site is still being excavated by archaeologists today. There are enigmatic pre-Islamic carvings among the ruins, which feature in a fascinating museum devoted to the site.

Najran Dam, one of the wonders of the modern world. 35 km from the city centre, it is crossed by a 4.5 metre wide road, with spectacular views of the Najran Valley. Arrange a corporate tour, and you can also see the fabulous Al-Aan Palace, beneath which are the strange, castle-like red brick houses unique to the Najran area.

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Ocala inn ? a mix of nature and luxury

Ocala inn ? a mix of nature and luxury

Walt Disney bought land in Orlando in the 1960’s in Florida in a small town known as Orlando. The place was then a quiet lazy little retreat. And as they say, the rest is history. The year 1971 marked the opening of Walt Disney World or, as it is popularly known, Disney Land. The place today has more than visitors’ annual than the entire population of some countries.

Though Florida is mostly known because of Disney Land, there is really a lot more to the place than just the amusement park. For instance another town in the state, Ocala, is known as the horse capital of the world. The place is known for its extensive stud farms where horses are bred for leisure as well as serious racing and other competitions. And you can easily stay in one of the famous Ocala inn for a long silent holiday in the lap of nature. The activities in Ocala inn here are limitless. From a lazy afternoon spent relaxing in a Jacuzzi to going kayaking in the great outdoors. Or a romantic walk in the nature trails. Or a long golfing trip in one of the many golf courses of the town. The place has it all. In the city’s historic district, you can find a lot of neighborhoods with a signature Victorian décor. Also, a place worth visiting is Silver Springs which is a couple of hour’s drive from Ocala it attracts a lot of tourists around-the-year.

Having a total area of around 62 kilometers or 39 miles, Ocala has a complete mix of the future, the past as well as the future. Keep in mind that a vacation here has to be at least one week long. Only then will you be able to soak in all that the place has to offer. Moreover, Ocala inn boast of a host of good amenities and facilities to pamper your senses. From heated swimming pools and Jacuzzi’s to continental breakfast and silk linen. Many of them even have a sauna in the rooms! So you can relax without a care in the world!

While in Florida, if you want the best of both worlds, be it business or pleasure; the Holiday Inn Express located in Midtown Ocala is one of the best hotels. Here you can make the most of your visit on both the personal as well as professional  for more information visit here :

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Ocala inn ? a mix of nature and luxury

Ocala inn ? a mix of nature and luxury

Ocala is one place that has something for everyone. From newly-weds to retirees to families with kids to companies requiring a good place for holding meetings and conferences. Ocala inn offer the best hospitality you may desire. For all of you who are on the lookout for a nice long vacation in nature’s lap Ocala inn are the place to be.

Located in Florida, the southern tip of the United States of America, Ocala is also popularly known as the horse capital of the world for it has really good stud farms which are a major source of livelihood for the local people. Mainly as they attract a lot of tourists around the year. There is something in store for everyone in these for everyone. From casual riders and hobbyists to serious horse enthusiasts and those interested in breeding swift studs.

Ocala’s cultural and arts scene is one that is as unique as it is growing. The Ocala Civic Theater which is situated at the Silver Springs Blvd. is known to produce twelve to fifteen fully staged plays and shows every season. They also play hosts to a number of touring companies and theater groups coming in from all parts of the United States. So the next time when you wish to enjoy a few good plays book yourself in any of the Ocala inn and book your seats with a simple phone call for a taste of true art.

Ocala is also a place where you can good delicious food from virtually any part of the world. From a Royal American breakfast to pizza’s to authentic Oriental and Chinese cuisine to spicy Indian dishes. Experience all this and much more by booking a holiday in an Ocala Hotel.

The best part of an Ocala inn or Ocala hotel is that there is something that will suit every budget. From a modest and simple room that will cost you less than one hundred USD to a luxurious room with soft beds and silk linen complete with a Jacuzzi pool for around five hundred bucks, Ocala has something or the other to suit your pocket.

With a six storey atrium, the town’s largest conference center & free high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access in all the rooms, The Holiday Inn & Suites Ocala is the place you should be at when planning a business conference. The place is even good if you are looking for some much-needed rest & relaxation after a meeting with facilities like whirlpool and also a heated outdoor pool a well-equipped fitness center and sauna. for more information visit here :

Phuket Resorts And Inns Will Surely Sweep You Off Your Feet

Phuket Resorts And Inns Will Surely Sweep You Off Your Feet
Holidaying and vacationing is emerging as a strong contender amid populaces as they are increasingly becoming aware of the bad effects that prolonged working can have on their relationships and family. The increasing burden that work related responsibilities put on us makes it a compulsion to holiday once in a while; even when a while means a year. The fact that holidaying can rejuvenate your latent energies and makes it possible to adjust and balance professional and personal life will make many a people wonder as to why didnt they think of this before.

After finalizing on the motive, it is imperative to settle on the destination as there is an assortment of tourist destination ready to allure you into their laps. In such circumstance one name that makes itself stand out from the rest is Phuket. Phuket is the largest island and a south province in Thailand which boasts of innumerous white sand beaches and exquisite nightlife. One can find blissful ambience and a milieu of exquisiteness in this pearl of Thailand. It is however imperative for folks to plan their trip well ahead of time to avert last minute hassles and unreserved worries.

One can use the World Wide Web to locate various Phuket inn and phuket resorts to acquire an apt know how and acquaintance with the environment there. They can also reserve rooms well in advance to make their travel and accommodation utterly straight forward and unproblematic. The vivacious night life and a plethora of adventure activities can make this trip the most memorable one of your entire life. There are a lot of Phuket resorts which are sea facing and can provide you with every ultra modern amenity that you wish for; from private swimming pools to internet connectivity to boat services. These phuket resorts have become synonymous with luxury and lavishness.

Based up on your reading up to this point do not fabricate an opinion that phuket is a place only for the high end individuals as it is indeed a location which welcomes all with open hands and a warm heart. Even if you are voyaging on a shoe string budget, you can find a multitude of phuket inn which will save you a lot of resources which can then be adjusted against other travel expenses. The mouth watering delicacies and awe inspiring scenery can bring you to your wits end. Apart from this, you can indulge yourself in water skiing, scuba diving, surfing and a horde of other fun filled activities which will leave you exhausted yet craving for more.

Luxurious phuket resorts will pamper you with their value added services such as spas, which will revitalize your body and mind relentlessly. Now before you start planning things down, look up on the internet and if possible book rooms in a phuket resorts well before you arrive there. Search for credible reviews and apt testimonials to support your decision as you do not want t o go there and find a completely different situation.

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Camelback Inn Real Estate Is Paradise In The Valley

Camelback Inn Real Estate Is Paradise In The Valley
Way back when, around 1936, Jack Stewart was an ambitious would-be hotelier persuaded a group of investors to finance construction of a new resort nestled in the lush high Sonoran desert of Arizona. The investors were led by Stewarts friend, John C. Lincoln, an Ohio businessman who believed in Stewarts vision of a world-class retreat snuggled in the shadows of Camelback Mountain on acres and acres of this prime land. In years to come, the stunning Scottsdale and Paradise Valley real estate area that is home to the Camelback Inn has become a haven for luxurious homes, estates and mansions.

Designed by architect Edward Loomis Bowes, the Camelback Inn originally accommodated 75 guests and cost an at-the-time whopping $ 75,000 to build. The resort immediately attracted affluent travelers who endured long train rides to Phoenix from the East Coast and Midwest, then suffered another 12-mile trek down bumpy dirt roads to reach their Southwestern adventure. But the trip was well worth it, culminating in a serene setting and activities such as horseback riding, desert exploration and other outdoor excursions that introduced vacationers to the wonders of their secluded surroundings.

Welcoming guests and making them feel at home is a Camelback Inn tradition that was begun by Stewart and his wife, the former Mabel Louise Shoemaker. Louise was known as a social dynamo who organized grand events instilling a spirit of camaraderie among guests that lives on to this day.

Early guest-lists were rife with rich and famous business leaders, high-placed politicos and A-list Hollywood celebrities including Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart and Bette Davis. J. W. Marriott, Sr. shared the Stewarts love for the Camelback Inn, and in 1967, Marriott proudly made the Camelback Inn the companys first resort.

J.W. (Bill) Marriott, Jr., sustained his father’s commitment to the Camelback Inn by overseeing further expansion. These continuous improvements have earned the resort numerous accolades over the years, and in February 1989, another magnificent addition was unveiled: The Spa at Camelback Inn. The 31,000-square-foot full-service facility has been ranked one of the Top 100 spas in the world.

While spa-fans will fall in love with The Spa, golf aficionados will definitely appreciate the Camelback Inns 36 holes of championship golf. In fact, the Padre Course features soaring shade trees and strategic bunkering, while desert and mountain views, towering palm – and eucalyptus-lined fairways and multiple lakes surround the Indian Bend Course.

The Camelback Inn, a celebrated fixture at the foot of Camelback Mountain for nearly eight decades, saw some major updates in 2007, including new restaurants, a reinvention of the main building, a complete rebuild of the ballroom and the creation of a soothing experiential courtyard with water and fire elements. Known for some time now as the JW Marriott Camelback Inn, all of these new changes were designed to showcase the unique essence and soul of this legendary historical landmark whose tag-line says it all: In all the world, only one.

Source:; information used with permission. Article Source: Russ Lyon blog

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