Glen Innes Celtic Heritage

Glen Innes Celtic Heritage

Draped in a quilt of green meadows and lush forests, the rolling hills stretch to the horizon where they join with the clear blue sky to create a contrast of colours as interesting as the history of this lush region. This is the countryside on the northern tablelands of New South Wales in Australia, a place of beauty and of intrigue, a place where the Celtic heritage of the people of Glen Innes is celebrated and revered, and a place that offers up innumerable treasures to be explored on your campervan holiday.


With a population of just over 6000 people, Glen Innes and its surrounding Severn Shire are a fairly average sized country town. In fact you would find many things you would expect of country towns- the friendly faces, the pretty scenery and the outdoorsy lifestyle. The different thing about Glen Innes is that it is the Celtic Capital of Australia, a heritage they have fostered here since the first Scottish settlers arrived 50 years after Australia was first settled. In tribute to this heritage the Australian Standing Stones were built, a solar aligned array of 40 granite rocks Modelled on the Ring of Brodgar in the Orkneys and similar to the ones ancient Celtic festivals were held around.


These Standing Stones are unique in a number of ways – for a start they are the only ones of their kind built in the world in the last 3500 years. What makes them especially unique is the Crofters Cottage next door, a cafe crossed with a giftshop that serves up traditional Celtic fare… very tasty and highly recommended! Around the stones every year over the May Day Public Holiday weekend Glen Innes has a Celtic Festival of its own. The Australian Celtic Festival is a celebration of the Celtic heritage of the region, and it has become renowned for its colourful exhibits, non stop entertainment and general all round appeal. Celtic artists from Australia and overseas play traditional music and everyone gets involved in a bit of traditional dancing. Theres stuff for the kids, theres stuff for the parents, theres market stalls, theres strongman events… theres everything really. Its a festival thats getting bigger and bigger, and if you can make your visit to Glen Innes coincide with it you will not be disappointed.


But there is more to Glen Innes and the Severn Shire than just the Celtic heritage. This is ‘big sky’ and there is lots of amazing places to visit in your motorhome. A high rainfall region with a generally cool climate combined with fertile soils makes this prime wine producing country, and there are over 50 wineries between here and the Queensland border. The Wright Robertson Winery lies 20 km south of town, and was one of the first to be established in the area. This family owned winery relies on organic farming methods, and a visit to their cellar door is an enlightening opportunity to taste and buy some very respectable wine.


Luckily a lot of this countryside is protected by National Park, and there are a number of Parks you can reach from Glen Innes that make for a good days outing, or longer if you wish to stay longer. If thick, lush rainforests are your thing then head east for 78 kilometres along the Gwydir Highway’s World Heritage Way and you will reach Washpool National Park, which is the last remaining wilderness rainforest in NSW. Steep gorges are criss crossed by crystal clear creeks, and you are able to experience the worlds largest stand of coachwood trees. There are two camping grounds in the park, so you can stay as long as you like, and there are other designated picnic areas as well.


Fishermen too will be in their element in Glen Innes, with the local waters famed for harbouring the elusive Murray Cod. Other species such as rainbow trout, yellow belly and silver perch will keep the discerning angler content. A great thing about a campervan holiday to Glen Innes is that its an easily accessible destination, and whichever direction you drive to it from there is lots to see. Four hours from Brisbane and seven hours from Sydney, you can pick up your motorhome in either of these spots and enjoy seeing the sights and sounds of the Australian countryside on your drive to Glen Innes.


Gavin Wyatt is a journalist with a passion for travel. originally from Zambia he has traveled around the world to end up on the sunny shores of Australia. For more of his articles visit Discovery Campervans

A Day at Wonder Inn

A Day at Wonder Inn

Welcome To A Wonder Inn!

A retreat for people to come for a day a weekend or a week. You can take classes, seminars or workshops or just play, relax, take nature walks in the beautiful forest preserve that is lush with smell of greenery and wildflowers, enjoy the scenery, pet a gentle horse, walk with a few dogs. Enjoy lush accommodations and wonderful nutritional cuisine!

As you awaken the golden morning light glows in your room. You rise to look out and see the yellow golden orange and red breach the morning sky as the sun begins the rise. The mountains still dark with the night sky and a few stars twinkle as they fade in the light. The meadow glistens with the morning dew, an eagle soars in the distance beginning her morning search of bounty for her nest. All is quiet at the INN. The first rays of sun are beginning to breach the mountain range far in the distance.

A NEW DAY! You gaze out your window and see the ranch hand is busy in the barn bailing the morning hay. It is breakfast time for the horses. The barn cat sits and gazes from the base of the opening to the barn occasionally grooming himself, he believes this is his ranch.

The main dining hall is bustling with the placements of juice, fruit, fresh pastries, yogurt, coffee and tea, You hear the Bacon sizzle in the kitchen and the sweet aroma of Maple Syrup harkens the call for buttermilk pancakes! After breakfast, a morning walk is in order. Outside on the porch the two golden labs are at the threshold of the steps as they await for someone to walk with, so you step off the porch and they follow. Down the path to the paddock where the horses are grazing on the dew covered grass. The retired thoroughbred mare raises her majestic head as if she is greeting you and she watches as you pass as her colt stands closely by her side grazing.

You travel the path down to the small river and walk west towards the mountain ranges The dense morning air fills your lungs and your body feels great The earth feels soft beneath your feet…in the distance the bench upon the hill is ideal for the morning meditation. The labs romp in the meadow beside you they are joyful. Mother nature is lush as you are aware of all the intricate elements of her glory, all the aspects working like a majestic symphony,it is perfect! She surrounds you in beauty and grace and you feel at one with it all!

The Sun warms your face as you notice the landscape bursts with color, colors are changing all around you. The mountains become green, gold and brown the river shifts from black to a dark blue and green. The cry of an eagle in the distance penetrates your core…

Up the hill you continue, as you reaching the bench,you turn,the sight is heavenly! The vista of the valley is magnificent, as you melt into the bench. The dogs settle at your feet. They have been here many times before; as if they are the guides and have accompanied many travelers on this same path with each traveler experiencing a different song. The dogs are aware of your breathlessness. One sets his head on your foot; as if to ground you as you feel your spirit soar. An awareness of your body reminds you are but a spirit having an human experience. In the distance you see two children bound from the porch of the Inn racing to the playground….remember when?

(Excerpt from A Day At Wonder Inn, Terrie Crowley 2009)

Terrie Crowley

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Holiday Inn Edinburgh

Holiday Inn Edinburgh
Next to London, Edinburgh has more FTSE companies than anywhere else in Britain. It is also the second most popular city for leisure and business tourism both areas in which we at Holiday Inn Edinburgh excel. We have two superbly equipped hotels in Edinburgh, one in Craigleith and the other adjacent to Edinburgh Zoo. Central for Edinburghs business, commercial and tourist districts, they offer superlative facilities for corporate and leisure visitors alike.

We at Holiday Inn Edinburgh have a wide choice of fully-serviced meeting rooms, able to accommodate up to 140 delegates. Outside the conference area, our spacious guest rooms and leisure facilities offer all youd expect from a quality 4-star hotel. For canny Scottish business managers, we offer a range of day and overnight deals for delegates, while fathers of brides can enjoy special discounted wedding rates

Edinburgh is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe, its landmarks, cultural events and yearly arts festival needing no introduction. The Edinburgh Festival, Tattoo and Hogmanay festivities see our Holiday Inn Edinburgh hotels swell to capacity, but the city has something to offer at any time of year. Edinburgh Castle, Jacobs Ladder, Holyrood House, Arthurs Seat and the shops and restaurants of the Royal Mile are eternally popular. The city has an eclectic mix of museums, galleries and arts venues, with a constantly changing events calendar.

Edinburgh is one of the worlds top tourist destinations, but its also a hub of industry, commerce and education. Ahead of London, it has been named the most desirable place to live in the UK, and the Best Small City of the Future for 2010 2011. The economy is reliant on service sector industries, such as health, education, finance, retail, leisure, hospitality and the arts. However, the famous university dispenses a constant stream of graduate entrepreneurs, and science, technology, engineering and IT are also important. The air and sea ports bring further prosperity.

From all this, another important industry has evolved that of business tourism. Edinburgh is the second most popular city for international conferences, and 36th in the world, according to the International Congress and Convention Association. Visit Britain named Edinburgh top value-for-money in a poll of international conference cities. The Edinburgh Conference Bureau, established to promote Edinburgh to companies outside the area, has named us at Holiday Inn as one of the top hotel chains for arranging meetings in Edinburgh something our clients are happy to endorse.

Holiday Inn Edinburgh hotels

Our Holiday Inn Edinburgh Zoo venue is in a beautiful location overlooking the Pentland Hills and Carrick Knowe Golf Club, just 4 miles from Edinburgh Airport and 3 miles from the city centre. The state-of-the-art conference centre has 14 meeting rooms accommodating up to 120 delegates.

Our Holiday Inn Edinburgh City West hotel boasts a newly refurbished Meetings Network area with 5 conference suites plus a dedicated outdoor balcony area, and is ideally sited for King Arthurs Seat, Holyrood House and the shops, restaurants and arts venues of Princes Street .

Both our Holiday Inn Edinburgh hotels have special deals throughout the year for both business and private function bookings, making us top choice for value.

Emma writes articles on Meeting Rooms including guides to Holiday Inn Edinburgh.

Holiday Inn Riyadh

Holiday Inn Riyadh
The capital of Saudi Arabia and one of the Middle Easts largest cities, Riyadh is a centre of business, administration and finance and a conference hub for the MEA, with more meetings facilities than any other city in Saudi Arabia.

We at Holiday Inn Riyadh have superbly equipped conference facilities in three fully serviced hotels, located in Riyadhs central business, finance and administration districts. Conveniently located for the International Exhibition Centre and King Khaled International airport, our venues seat up to 1300 delegates in air-conditioned comfort.

The benefits of Holiday Inn Riyadh

All three of our Holiday Inn venues – Holiday Inn Riyadh-Al Qasr, Holiday Inn Riyadh-Olaya and Holiday Inn Riyadh Minhal are located in or near Riyadhs Central Business District of Riyadh-Olaya. Dominated by the glittering towers of King Fahd road, this is Saudi Arabias most prosperous thoroughfare, lined with designer shopping malls and multinational companies. King Khaled International Airport is just 30 minute to the north.

Our Holiday Inn Riyadh Minhal hotel is particularly well sited for Riyadhs hospitals and government buildings. Able to hold up to 350 delegates, our largest room can sub-divide for smaller meetings. We at Holiday Inn Riyadh pride ourselves on our flexibility and range of meeting rooms, which can accommodate groups of all sizes in a variety of formal and informal layouts.

Riyadh a sparkling green oasis of opportunity

Despite its modern skyline, Riyadh dates back 1500 years. A prized desert oasis, until the arrival of the oil fields it was mainly a centre for agriculture. Today, green fields are dominant once more, with the Saudi government ploughing resources into farming and sustainable energy. A number of agricultural and environmental events are held in Riyadh each year.

The Saudi government prizes private enterprise highly. Privatisation and investment have created a city where small businesses, as well as large conglomerates, are able to thrive. We at Holiday Inn are able to answer the needs of both groups. Our newly-refurbished Holiday Inn Riyadh-Al Qasr can accommodate up to 1300 delegates, and up to 450 at the luxurious Holiday Inn Riyadh-Olaya nearby. Both offer superb accommodation for both business and leisure guests, being central to the malls and other attractions of King Fahd Road.

Holiday Inn Riyadh for business, for pleasure, for both

King Fahd Road is an excellent base for exploration. Dominated by the Kingdom Centre, other stunning examples of Saudi architecture include the artistically-styled Al Faisaliyah Centre, Saudis first skyscraper, and the Riyadh TV Tower. King Fahd is considered one of the most beautiful modern thoroughfares in the world.

However, theres a cultural side to Riyadh as well. We at Holiday Inn Riyadh are equally well placed for exploration of the mediaeval city ruins of Diriyah, just a few kilometres from the city centre and one of the most important archaeological sites in the Middle East. The Al-Dira Old Town district has been built on the site of the original Riyadh, in a style sympathetic to traditional Nejd architecture. The al-Masmak Fort and King Abdulaziz Historical Centre are equally worthy of a visit, and there are a number of traditional Nejd villages in the region which make a pleasant afternoons drive.

Whether you are here for business or pleasure, we at Holiday Inn Riyadh will ensure your stay is perfect.

Emma writes articles on Meeting Rooms including guides to Holiday Inn Riyadh.

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Holiday Inn London

Holiday Inn London
The capital of the UK does not need much introduction, as one of the major business cities in the world, most major institutions will at some point use London for their conference, meeting or other business purposes. Despite London being one of the largest cities in terms of business locations, there are still a lot of companies based outside the city in other parts of the UK, however even those companies who are based outside the city will still operate elements of their business operation within the City of London.

There are misconceptions that to conduct business in London is expensive which is what puts a lot of people off. Whilst there are increased rental prices for some business properties, holding business meetings, conferences or gatherings is easily achievable and there are price options available to suit different needs. At Holiday Inn London we offer 18 venues within the city of London and surrounding areas to provide our customers with a vast choice of locations to fit in with different requirements. With meeting and conference facilities available for up to 700 guests in some locations, there is scope for catering for most business events.

When it comes to international business, London is arguably the most popular city to choose to invite business associates from overseas. The three major airports fly to and from most countries and with such short flight times from many European countries, it is an obvious location for holding business conferences. Even those visitors who are on an express trip can be catered for, as with locations close to both Heathrow and Gatwick airport, Holiday Inn London can create a convenient meeting venue for those who need to arrive and depart quickly.

There is of course a lot more to London than just business and convenience and it is a great city to entertain guests or reward employees. Many overseas visitors are fascinated by the history of Britain and its capital city, giving the perfect opportunity to combine business with a bit of culture and pleasure. Even guests from other parts of the UK or London itself can benefit from a little London history and with Holiday Inn London locations in the likes of Mayfair and Kensington there are a lot of choices for creating a cultured visit for guests.

Of course another favourite activity in London is shopping and nobody can deny that London has some of the best shops in the world. As a city it can easily match the likes of Paris and New York in terms of retail status and quality. Turning a shopping trip into a group weekend is a great way of getting colleagues or friends together and offers something a little more relaxed. By choosing a location in the heart of Oxford Street you can easily enjoy the shops, bars and hustle and bustle of urban London without having far to walk back.

The options for London are endless which makes it such a versatile and accommodating city to host a business or personal event in.

Emma writes articles on Meeting Rooms including guides to Holiday Inn London.