Breckenridge, CO – Skiing & Lodging Deals!

Breckenridge, CO – Skiing & Lodging Deals!

Fun Breckenridge Colorado!

If you’ve just started skiing, the best places to practice when in Breckenridge are on the bases of either Peak 8 or Peak 9. That’s where the beginners’ trails are found. Trails that are designed for beginners are also known as green circle runs and are fully groomed. Since the fastest way to get to the top of the slopes is through the lifts, it is advisable that you choose your lodging near their starting areas. That way, you can reach the lifts earlier than the rest.

One way to get to the lifts that will take you to the green runs of Peak 8 is through the Breck-Connect Gondola, a set of enclosed 8-passenger carriages that start from a parking lot at the end of Park Avenue. The Gondola has stops at Shock Hill Station, the base of Peak 7 and the base of Peak 8. In looking for the cheapest lodging deals, we will consider its proximity to the said parking lot.

Where to get cheap lodging:

If you are not a stickler for privacy and can stand the snoring of your roommates, a dorm type room in nearby Fireside Inn would be your best bet. For a night, you’ll only need to spend $ 28. Fireside Inn is just a few blocks away from the starting point of the Breck-Connect Gondola. From here, you can either walk or catch a ride on a shuttle bus – for free.

As if that were not enough, you can also savor their FREE tea and cake every afternoon at 5 pm. Surely, none of the great deals in the vicinity can top this.

The facilities and amenities are pretty decent, not the kind you would usually find in the cheapest inns in most resorts; definitely not the kind you would find in urban places. Some of the noteworthy amenities are: Internet accessible via WiFi, a payphone, laundry facilities, TV lounge, and car parking. For those who are with their kids, a baby sitter can be available if you need one. Fax and photocopying services are likewise available for the workaholic individuals who just can’t go on a straight uninterrupted vacation.

Where to get the cheapest food:

Pizza is one of the all-time favorites after an extremely active day and not many sports can demand you to be as physically active as skiing. So after a day on the slopes of Peak 8, go straight to Fatty’s Pizzeria. It’s just a 2 minute walk from Fireside Inn. Having been around since 1975, it has become a favorite hang-out for both the locals and Breckenridge mainstays. The ambiance is very accommodating such that you can even take your noisy kids with you and people won’t mind.

Having Fun In Breckenridge Co. This Rocky Mountain ski resort always offers great atmosphere that instantly puts you in a good mood. If you’re not into good climate, Breckenridge deals provide you more activities than any tropical resort you find. The weather is warm enough but not hot, so you can easily stay at Breckenridge co deals for the whole day outside in just sandals and shorts, but don’t forget to put sunscreen.

How Late Availability Deals Let Us Explore the UK

How Late Availability Deals Let Us Explore the UK

This is an article about how myself and my wife have managed to travel the length and breadth of the United Kingdom simply by booking late availability country hotels and inns. It sometimes seems like it’s impossible to see a little bit of England without breaking the bank, but as I and my wife discovered, that isn’t necessarily true.

The first time we got a good deal was on a trip to York last spring. We managed to book a room in a really pretty little bed and breakfast on the outskirts of this Roman town, which was found on one of these late availability websites. We couldn’t believe we got it – a lovely double room, with a good view. And the fried breakfast was almost worth the price alone. From here we explored some of Yorkshire’s lovely countryside.

In the summer time we decided to try and get somewhere on Lake Windermere. This is obviously a really popular spot, surrounded by lots of stunning hills and mountains. To our surprise we managed to book a superb hotel room quite near the Lake. It wasn’t quite as cheap as the one in York, but was nevertheless a good deal because someone had cancelled very close to when they were about to go. So we managed to explore this lovely area – and even tried a bit of wind surfing, thanks to one of these late availability websites.

That Christmas we decided to try our luck once more – this time in Devon. Neither I nor my wife had ever been to Devon – but we had heard so many good things we thought we would try and get a late availability deal. In the event, we didn’t manage to get a cottage on Dartmoor, as they all seemed to be booked up.

Instead we found a nice little cottage near Croyde, on the North Devon coast. It was a little bit cold for me and my wife to try surfing (as this beach is famous for it) but we had a lovely time walking along the various beaches and hills nearby.

So last spring we decided to book somewhere closer to home. This time we found a bed and breakfast on the Norfolk Broads. Again, it was a nice little spot.

As long as you’re prepared to give a little when it comes to location, opting for late availability deals certainly can save you few pounds. And the random nature of these deals means there is a certain excitement when it comes to booking a hotel or bed and breakfast in this way.

Gino Hitshopi has travelled around the UK simply by taking advantage of late availability deals on cottages, inns and hotels.. For more information please visit:

Cheap Ocala hotel deals

Cheap Ocala hotel deals

The horse capital of the world is not only known for its great cuisine but also for the breath taking and natural beauty. The economy of Ocala is solely based on stud farms and its attraction to tourists. There are a number of hotels and inns which you can choose from depending on your budget.

There are a number of inns and hotels which offer a variety of delicacies and cuisines from across the globe at affordable prices. This city boasts of over 90 hotels which offer world class facilities like Wi-Fi internet surfing, spas, health clubs and swimming pools. These Ocala fl hotels not only offer a varied range of services at affordable rates but are also known for their southern hospitality.

They see to it that the guests are comfortable and all their needs are effectively met, without leaving an opportunity for them to complain or leave the hotel with a hint of disappointment. Hotels in Ocala are available at low rates and you can easily book your stay in a five star at very attractive prices ranging from150-200 USD. This however ensures that the standard and quality of services is not compromised upon. Those who are on a stringent budget have no reason to worry and fret either since off seasons have deals in good hotels too where you can book your stay for as low as 50 USD.

At times you might be lucky enough to find an accommodation that offers you a tariff which is even lower than 50USD. Since Ocala is a city which is full of lakes, springs, farms and miles of captivating natural beauty, one can feel totally connected to nature. It is an ideal place to relax and unwind after a hectic and stressful week at work. The hotels located in the lap of nature make it easier for tourists as they are affordable without compromising on quality and comfort.

The hotels of Ocala hotel deals offer a wide range of activities and facilities which you can enjoy during your stay. It includes activities for kids and old people alike, making it a desirable place for family holidays too. The business guests are also well taken care off with hotels providing conference halls and a wide range of hi-tech facilities which ensures business with pleasure.


With a six storey atrium, the town’s largest conference center & free high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access in all the rooms, The Holiday Inn & Suites Ocala is the place you should be at when planning a business conference. The place is even good if you are looking for some much-needed rest & relaxation after a meeting with facilities like whirlpool and also a heated outdoor pool a well-equipped fitness center and sauna. for more information visit here :


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