Ceramics Summit – Dialogue Estate Trends In Home Design – Ceramics, Pottery, Tiles – Hc Network

Ceramics Summit – Dialogue Estate Trends In Home Design – Ceramics, Pottery, Tiles – Hc Network
Ceramics And Real estate How much contact between the industry? Ceramic sanitary ware in the next two years Home What is the trend of the design? May 12, a to “real estate? Building Materials ? Space? Art “as the theme of the industry total government summit in Chengdu Crown Holiday Inn staged, the summit will cover real estate, building materials, space and space for decorative arts in four areas; the same time, the current summit gathered in Chengdu, real estate, building materials industry, decoration companies, designers in the elite group, can be described as skilled are gathered .

The industry summit with a keynote speech and dialogue, the combination of peak form. Dr. Renmin University of China, Guotai Junan Securities Investment Mergers, said general manager Charles Song Boshi, building materials industry and the real estate industry a very high correlation, only the total by ceramic sanitary ware Rates 6%, the resulting figures are very impressive demonstration of the large ceramic sanitary ware market.

At this summit, Tsinghua University, Ph.D., Department of Art Design, Beijing Clothing Professor, Master Instructor Guo Qiang, first published entitled “Ceramic Art in interior design trends” on the topic. In his view, “Ceramics is the art of fire”, which in art form and unique language patterns decorate Indoor Environment , Can be said that modern Room Of Ceramic Products More and more like the artistic trend, a trend that has subdivided into five areas: Building Sanitary ceramics products and art concepts become increasingly blurred; ceramic art unique application of the language more and more attention; other materials, the mechanism of texture is one of ceramic design direction; low-volume personalized ceramic design trends; art and the organic integration of science and technology trends.

Dialogue in the next period, the well-known figures from academia and the business community on the recent hot topic in the industry launched a wonderful viewpoints.

“Hard R & D of new products come out, just put to the market a month, you can find almost exactly the same appearance of the ceramic paste someone else’s brand, and put other people’s shelves.” China Ceramic Industry Association marketing branch of industry Vice President, General Manager Mona Lisa Huang Hui heavy criticism of the ceramic building materials industry current copy of the prevailing wind, he told reporters, such as copying of, for example a Tiles At first glance the appearance of color, the pattern is also bigger way, but the materials, technology will even close. He believed that Swift was an outsider to follow almost inevitably, it is important to strengthen their own market Competition Capacity.

Chairman of massage of the new space decorated believes that not only ceramic sanitary ware and other building materials industry, companies need innovation, decoration companies need innovation, but innovation is the only current Home improvement Industry, the only way out. “The current owners of home improvement more and more able to reflect the attitudes, lifestyles and values, these highly individual characteristics of colors are impossible to replicate, the home designer’s priority is to close to the owners, understand that the owners of the home improvement of real ideas and needs, which requires designers to spend time, like ideas, stand owner to complete the design point of view rather than to persuade the owners to design their own programs to accept. ” Foshan Ceramic Co., Ltd. China

Canada Ge Yang, general manager of marketing, calls for particular attention, at the summit, he strongly advocated the use of national Brand Of building materials, he explained, “CHINA, on there from the word ‘ceramic’ meaning, can be said that China is a well-deserved hometown of ceramics. However, due to publicity and image, and many other reasons, consumers are our national brand ceramic products, particularly sanitary Sanitary Ware Little is known about the true quality of the brand, in fact, we have many domestic sanitary ware is also no less than foreign goods, it is also very easy to compare them. “

Chinese resistance? Li Jia Feng, president of home building materials chain, said that at present, many well-known real estate companies such as China Vanke, the sea, and Hutchison Whampoa, the major developers and other industry giants have been focused on investing in Chengdu, and and closely related to the building materials industry will have a huge space for development. It is understood that Chinese resistance? Established home building materials chain now is the Ceramic tile , The largest bathroom circulation channel business, this year, Chinese resistance? Established chain of home building materials to complete the bathroom tiles from the simple to the professional chain of agents Sell Strategic business transformation and integration on the same time start the Southwest Building materials market The strategic layout.

Warm atmosphere of the summit site also attracted the audience seated guests participate in the discussions, senior industry sources have told reporters, in fact, one is ready for decoration or the owners of friends is the best designer, because, Owners often require designers sent from three to five designs to select a favorite program of their own, from this sense, the owners of this thoughtful selection, is enough to prove that he was already a designer has. Designers also added that the landlords have their own independent of the home improvement ideas, more able to promote the designer a better play. [Popular Keywords]: Ceramics Pottery Ceramic tile Comment Large In Small

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