Rest Inn Hotel Opens In Houston

ROCKVILLE, Md., April 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Sleep Inn, element of preference resorts Global, Inc. (CHH), has actually opened a unique property in Houston. The 80-room rest Inn & Suites hotel is located at 3850 Wilcrest Drive, nearby to well-known tourist attractions, such as …
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Bamboo Sheets and the Benefits For Your Hotel

Bamboo Sheets and the Benefits For Your Hotel

While attending a bed and breakfast conference recently, I visited Inn Style in the vendor section to investigate what they had in the way of organic cotton sheets. Instead, I found organic bamboo sheets. The sheets I found are 100 percent bamboo fiber sheets, not a bamboo/cotton blend.

These sheets have all the benefits of satin, silk, and high quality Egyptian cotton bed sheets, with few of the disadvantages of any of them. The price is quite reasonable. Nothing slips off them during the night (the way you experience satin sheets). The hand (how it drapes across your hand) is heavenly. These sheets, be they knit or woven, are soft, supple, and silky to the touch.

Bamboo and silk fibers are more easily damaged by bleaching than other fabrics, so using baking soda and white vinegar in your wash and rinse cycles, respectively, are a better way of keeping sheets clean, bright and soft (and not stinking of perfumes found in fabric softeners). If the sheets get a tough stain, StainSolver is a powerful oxygen bleach you can safely use on them. Bamboo sheets also fair better with a cold-water wash, rather than a warm- or hot-water wash. Think of the comfort you create and the money you save with these laundry changes!

Bamboo sheets are a great alternative to organic cotton because bamboo grows readily much less water than cotton, and without fertilizers or pesticides. By buying natural-colored, undyed sheets, you have completed the cycle of natural bedding. And they feel so good you are taking care of your guests, treating them like royalty, but on a reasonable budget.

The knit bamboo sheets I bought from Inn Style to experiment with came in several, softly-hued colors; I chose natural. I later found white, 250 thread-count woven bamboo sheets at Sam’s club. They are a much better quality than any discount bed sheet I’ve ever experienced or purchased. The fabric in both sets of of bamboo sheets is soft and drapes nicely. They breathe well, helping keep your guests comfortable all night.

Personally I have preferred jersey-knit sheets because I live in a cool-temperature climate and these sheets regulated my temperature year ’round. I was concerned that I was going to lose that temperature balance if I gave up my knit sheets. Neither of the bamboo sheet sets is a problem for me; I maintain the right temperature while I sleep.

The sheets were soft when we first opened the package. Each have been laundered only twice, so far, but the laundry results are positive. When I removed the knit sheets from the drier the first time, after a few hours of being crumpled, I was relieved to see they weren’t terribly wrinkled. Both sets are somewhat wrinkled after the laundry cycle, which will be a problem for some people, but a non-issue for me. I’ll report again after we’ve had them longer and washed them many more times.

Organic bamboo sheets are a natural for the lodging industry. Bamboo is ecofriendly in its growth patterns, and if you take care of your bamboo sheets naturally, they also are good for your guests with allergies and chemical sensitivities. You can buy them at several places, but Inn Style and Sam’s is where I started.

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Affordable Universal Studios Hotel Orlando

Affordable Universal Studios Hotel Orlando
When planning a tour to Orlando, you’ll be considering where to stay??? If you are looking for a hotel which has more conveniences and offers more than just a place to relax your head for the night in Orlando, consider a stay at our Best Western Universal Inn.

While planning your Orlando vacation, being close to the Disney parks as well as Universal Orlando will be beneficial to you in order to cut down on transfer time and allow you to have extra time at the theme parks in Orlando. If you are planning on spending a few days or even a week or two in Orlando and are trying to see and do as much as possible without the hassle and costs of lengthy transfers between the parks, then our Best Western Universal Inn near International Drive is the perfect place for your stay. There are also many of the favorite chain restaurants beside International Drive, and at either end are the well-known factory outlet stores where you can get massive bargains on clothes, jewelry and even household merchandise.

It is to be believed since years that Orlando contains a major attraction on the grounds of tourism. It is actually involved in the tourism industry with great facilities and amusement parks. You must have heard about ‘Walt Disney World Resort’, which resides in the Orlando Home. Spending couple of days would be enough for visiting the Disney world at Orlando. Not only kids and teenagers but also youngsters find a great time in Disney Walt World Resort at Orlando. Major attractions of the Disney Florida vacation like Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood studios, Cinderella Castle, Animal kingdom, Downtown Disney are considered as one of the obligated places to visit inside it. Other famous landmarks and tourist attractions of Orlando are Universal Orlando Resort and Sea World Orlando that stands for lavish and royal living.

Florida tourism is quite popular because of great cities and landmarks like Orlando Disney world resort, universal studios hotel, western vacation facilities, Sea world Orlando, Port of Miami, Sun life Stadium, Daytona Beach, etc. In other words these cities, landmarks and best western hotels make your holidays or vacations astounding and implausible. There are quite romantic numbers of beaches in Florida that are best for spending honeymoon or weekends with your beloved. Moreover different destination places of Florida are quite versatile in nature matching with the nature of different age group of people. From kids to old people, everyone will love spending their vacation trip in Florida.

The Halloween celebration is quite near and people have started planning for their Halloween evening. I must suggest Florida as e best option for spending your Halloween evening. It will give a great touch of Florida tourism experience along with the prolific stay at Florida or Orlando hotels. There are exciting things to do at Daytona and Miami Beaches once you start grabbing the actual fun and offers that are waiting for you!

Within walking distance from the Best Western Universal Inn, hotel guests can enjoy spending the day at Island of Adventure and Universal Studios featuring their latest and most amazing attraction ;The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Families can also take advantage of our daily schedule shuttle to Universal Studios, Sea World and Wet n’ Wild.

Make your reservation today at the Best Western Universal Inn Orlando and get ready to be pampered at the most reasonable prices!

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Make your trip wonderful at luxurious hotel near Disney world, Orlando, Florida. The modern Orlando hotel accommodation with various amenities and exciting attractions is easily available at Florida travel.

Cheap Ocala hotel deals

Cheap Ocala hotel deals

The horse capital of the world is not only known for its great cuisine but also for the breath taking and natural beauty. The economy of Ocala is solely based on stud farms and its attraction to tourists. There are a number of hotels and inns which you can choose from depending on your budget.

There are a number of inns and hotels which offer a variety of delicacies and cuisines from across the globe at affordable prices. This city boasts of over 90 hotels which offer world class facilities like Wi-Fi internet surfing, spas, health clubs and swimming pools. These Ocala fl hotels not only offer a varied range of services at affordable rates but are also known for their southern hospitality.

They see to it that the guests are comfortable and all their needs are effectively met, without leaving an opportunity for them to complain or leave the hotel with a hint of disappointment. Hotels in Ocala are available at low rates and you can easily book your stay in a five star at very attractive prices ranging from150-200 USD. This however ensures that the standard and quality of services is not compromised upon. Those who are on a stringent budget have no reason to worry and fret either since off seasons have deals in good hotels too where you can book your stay for as low as 50 USD.

At times you might be lucky enough to find an accommodation that offers you a tariff which is even lower than 50USD. Since Ocala is a city which is full of lakes, springs, farms and miles of captivating natural beauty, one can feel totally connected to nature. It is an ideal place to relax and unwind after a hectic and stressful week at work. The hotels located in the lap of nature make it easier for tourists as they are affordable without compromising on quality and comfort.

The hotels of Ocala hotel deals offer a wide range of activities and facilities which you can enjoy during your stay. It includes activities for kids and old people alike, making it a desirable place for family holidays too. The business guests are also well taken care off with hotels providing conference halls and a wide range of hi-tech facilities which ensures business with pleasure.


With a six storey atrium, the town’s largest conference center & free high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access in all the rooms, The Holiday Inn & Suites Ocala is the place you should be at when planning a business conference. The place is even good if you are looking for some much-needed rest & relaxation after a meeting with facilities like whirlpool and also a heated outdoor pool a well-equipped fitness center and sauna. for more information visit here :


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Hotel Branding: Aim For Intelligence

Hotel Branding: Aim For Intelligence
The concept behind the Holiday Inn Express complete definitely ought to be “smart.” Customers are presupposed to feel an increased sense of intelligence after staying at Vacation Inn Categorical because they have recognized and capitalized upon smart quality for a great price. With the reputation of Holiday Inn’s quality for reasonable prices backing the whole, Holiday Inn Categorical should have a win-win standing within the mindset of the consumer and should additionally boost the efficacy of the Holiday Inn parent brand.

Does the present messaging for Holiday Inn Categorical accomplish this standing? We suppose not. Many brands use messaging that creates the client feel good and as though he has created the correct choice. Wal*Mart and Target are examples of brands that guarantee the client that if he outlets at their stores; he’s avoiding the embarrassment of overpaying and not finding what he desires/needs. Customers not solely like to grasp that their purchases matter; they like to grasp that their choices matter. Brands that provide customers real affirmation that they have “done the smartest issue” will succeed. This affirmation must be evident through effective brand execution, which additionally includes promoting and advertising.

The message must be each clear to the customer and clearly shown by the brand. Will Holiday Inn Specific have a sure-fire whole message? Yes. Does Holiday Inn Categorical convey and execute this message properly? In line with our complete model at Stealing Share, it comes up a short. In fact, if you browse how the “Stay Sensible” campaign began, the brand is additional superficial than it even appears. According to customer questionnaires conducted before the campaign, the 2 reasons why customers felt a lot of savvy for staying at an HIE were free breakfast and free native calls. Maybe these two components created a very little more of a plus for HIE over different restricted-service establishments, however these quite table stakes aren’t what fuels real brand. Clearly the right questions were not asked. The client’s affiliation to the whole ought to go deeper than cinnamon rolls. Furthermore, the commercials for the “Stay Smart” campaign contribute to the shallow continuum of name execution for HIE.

For instance, one industrial opens on a group of scientists hovering around a microscope, observing a strain of the Ebola virus. The man standing in front of the microscope explains the characteristics of the virus and proceeds to knock the sample off of the table, assuring the cluster that it was not airborne. When his colleague asks him how long he has been studying the virus, the man responds, “Well, I am not really a scientist. But I did stay at a Vacation Inn Categorical last night.” Several other commercials followed in an exceedingly similar pattern. One business showed a man who had not graduated past the seventh grade winning Jeopardy as a result of he stayed in an exceedingly HIE the night before. While the commercials are humorous and borderline ridiculous, they demonstrate a rather slender interpretation of the brand.

Though the commercials are effective for short-term whole awareness and recognition, this brand execution is overall unsatisfactory because the client will not think about the whole a heavy option. If anything, the whole has become additional of a joke among consumers as a result of of the blatantly ignorant folks portrayed as customers in the commercials. The brandface, or the customer’s perception of himself when he uses the whole, isn’t one of intelligence. After all this brandface mocks intelligence rather than reinforcing it. This failure to execute is a lot of at the fault of name management than advertising creation. Sadly, in all industries, one directly influences the other.

Humorous commercials are memorable and entertaining, but will the brand directly reflect the client and profit from this sort of execution? In the case of Holiday Inn Express, we argue against this method. The brand execution began with category benefits rather than the belief systems of the customers. The advertising had to rely upon a general campaign focus of “Keep Good” while not knowing what being smart really meant to the target audience. So as to correct this downside, Holiday Inn Express would want to require a few steps back, observe what their customers want/want from their whole and challenge their complete to accommodate these expectations. They would need to urge a full outside-in perspective from the market. The “Keep Smart” campaign was effective in obtaining HIE’s name out in the market, however that is where the effectiveness remains. Real complete success goes beyond the reiteration of a funny punch line. The “Keep Sensible” messaging will not reinforce the whole as a tangible option for the customer.

The humor, during this case, really creates distance between the whole and therefore the customer. Overall, Vacation Inn is all about quality for a wise worth, and Holiday Inn Specific can create that message work as well. Vacation Inn Specific wants to convey this message with a very little more honesty and customer perspective in order to possess real estate within the mind of the client wanting for reasonable hotel accommodations. In short, “smart” wants to be more concerning intelligence of the client than the cleverness of the business and its agency.

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