Bed And Breakfast Marketing – Vital Web Tips

Bed And Breakfast Marketing – Vital Web Tips

Bed and breakfast marketing is not something you can ignore. Whether you are running a traditional b & b, boutique-style accommodation, a guest house, country inn, gite or chambre d’hotes, it’s a competitive business. If you don’t stand out, you loose out. Sticking up a “rooms to let” sign just isn’t going to do it!

One of the most powerful tactics you can use to promote your accommodation is, of course, the internet. Like it or not the world wide web is having a massive impact on you and your customers. If you don’t have some kind of internet presence – either a website or a blog for your bed and breakfast – a massive slice of your potential income is going to someone else.

Sadly the internet is no longer the simple arena where, if you had virtually any kind of website, people would find you easily. Today the world wide web is maturing and growing at a phenomenal rate. It has become vastly more competitive and many bed and breakfast owners are finding that their websites aren’t bringing in the business they hoped. Just putting up a website and keeping your fingers crossed is no more effective than putting up a “rooms to let” sign but costs to advertise online are rising dramatically. Worse, a lot of that expensive online advertising is becoming less and less effective.

Is there a sensible, workable solution? Certainly the average accommodation owner can’t simply throw more and more money at their bed and breakfast marketing.

The answer to some extent is better management of your resources and better targeting. Don’t pay someone to submit your site to 400 search engines when submitting to Google, Bing and Yahoo will cover 99% of the market and you can do it yourself – for free. Before you spend a penny on registering with a bed and breakfast search engine (where thousands of your competitors are also listed) ask what you can do to make your own internet presence more effective.

As for targeting, it’s no good marketing a bed and breakfast at the whole US, or a gite at the whole of France. That’s an accidental mistake a lot of sites make. Instead, zero in on a smaller but more precise market. Who puts just “bed and breakfast” into a search engine? Nobody. They search for “Boise bed and breakfast”. They don’t search for “gite in France” they search for “gite in Valencay”. Try to think like your customer – then your bed and breakfast marketing becomes much easier because you simply provide what you know they are looking for!

Got a bed & breakfast, guest house, gite or country inn? Need more bookings? Of course! So pick up your free copy of “Sorry, No Vacancies” at Bed & Breakfast Marketing and start putting profitable ideas into action now!

Lack Of Sleep Quotes – Effective Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Lack Of Sleep Quotes – Effective Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Lack Of Sleep Quotes

“The repose of sleep refreshes only the body. It rarely sets the soul at rest. The repose of the night does not belong to us. It is not the possession of our being. Sleep opens within us an inn for phantoms. In the morning we must sweep out the shadows.” Gaston Bachelard quotes.

In this postmodern world, people are forced to live in the fast lane. You wake up early to get to work, spend at least eight to nine hours at work, go out with friends and office-mates, go home only to do some more work, sleep late, and repeat the cycle again on the next day. Because there are more important things to do, people tend to forget the need for sleep. However, aside from reduced output and concentration, the lack of sleep can lower the immune system making people susceptible to diseases.

The problem with missing out on sleep it that is becomes a habit. In the long run, you find yourself with sleep problems such as insomnia. Thus, when you do want to sleep, you find yourself awake because your body has adapted to your new lifestyle. It is never too late to break the bad habit, and you do not have to resort to taking of sleeping pills which you can become dependent on. Here the five tips to help you sleep better: Lack Of Sleep Quotes

1) Exercise. Have at least thirty minutes of exercise, three to five times per week. Because of the increased activity, you will find this as a natural sleeping antidote. You will find yourself sleeping like a baby in no time.
2) Have a light dinner early. Eating causes your metabolism to speed up as your body works to send the nutrients to their rightful places. In fact, when you eat, your blood supply is channeled to your gastrointestinal system. When you eat late, you actually increase the processes of your body, which will be a hindrance to getting the needed sleep.
3) Make your bedroom comfortable. Invest in creating the right ambiance for sleep. Have some dim lights installed. Or you can even put some scented candles and light them a few minutes before sleep to create a soothing effect. Play some mellow music.
4) Avoid watching TV late and in your bedroom. Television can stimulate your senses and perk up your mental processes. Plus, if you really like the show or movie, then you will forget the feeling of sleepiness altogether.
5) Use relaxation techniques before your sleep. You can do some breathing exercises and progressive relaxation technique to eliminate muscle tension which can hinder sleep. There are a lot of relaxation techniques which you can use to sleep better.

The University of Cambridge suggest that people who suffer from insomnia tend to be less confident and have lower self-esteem than others. It is important, therefore, to increase your confidence or improve your self-esteem and you will more likely to sleep better.

“If you can’t sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there and worrying. It’s the worry that gets you, not the loss of sleep.” Dale Carnegie quotes. Lack Of Sleep Quotes

Stop suffering from Sleeping Disorder again.

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Five Tips When Booking a Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast

Five Tips When Booking a Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast

By: Michael Jones

There are over 250 Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast establishments, offering everything from the charm of a two or three room residence to the luxurious splendor of an inn that can house up to fifty people. But whichever end of the scale you’re looking at, there are a number of tips that will help you when booking your Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast stay.

1.Book last minute and ask for a deal. Being mostly small Mom and Pop establishments, a typical Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast will really feel the loss of an unsold room. So the closer they get to a particular date, the more willing they are to make a deal. Maybe it’s 40% off the first night of your stay, or half-price on the second, or perhaps a free bottle of wine at check-in. Of course, the later you leave it, the greater the risk of not finding any room at all. But as long as you’re flexible in your travel plans, the best deals are to be had at the last minute.

2.Don’t count on the official photos to tell the whole story. Cape Cod has long been a magnet for artists, including some wonderful photographers. And many of them make a living taking photographs for Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast websites. A great photographer can make an ordinary building look much more beautiful than it really is. Try and find a few online snapshots taken by “ordinary” folks that will give you a more realistic idea of what a place looks like.

3.Ask about the other guests. In a tough travel economy, many Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast owners are reaching out to clientele they would previously have shied away from. Some are going after business clients and selling themselves as an ideal spot for meetings. Others might be targeting wedding parties, while others still might be marketing themselves for the first time to families with children. None of these is necessarily bad, but if you’re staying in a Bed and Breakfast specifically to get away from people chatting on their cell phones in the sitting room, for example, it may be a good idea to ask when you book if there are any business meetings going on during your stay.

4.Be considerate of other guests. The other side of that coin is to ask yourself if you’re the right kind of guests for a Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast. If you like to go out clubbing to the wee hours, you may not endear yourselves to either the innkeeper of the other guests when you have to bang on the door to be let in at 2:00am. Perhaps it would be better for all concerned if you stayed at a hotel, no matter how much you want to sleep in a four-poster bed.

5.Speak up if you are unhappy, and do it early. Innkeepers would much rather you bring any issues you have to their attention than leave unhappy. If a bed is uncomfortable or a room is not as private as you had hoped, say something straight away. Not only are you more likely to have an enjoyable stay, but it’s only fair to give the innkeeper a chance to correct your issue. If you wait until you’re checking out before you complain about something, it looks like you’re just angling for a refund rather than genuinely looking for a solution to your problem.

Cape Cod offers something for every type of bed and breakfast traveler. These tips will help you choose the right one for you.

About Author:

Michael Jones writes about Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast. For more information about Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast visit Cape-Cod-For-Couples.Com